Bill O'Brien Tried to get Fired by the Texans so he Could Replace Belichick

I don’t know how much I believe this, I take a lot of this stuff with a grain of salt.

But if it’s true, dude deserves to be black-listed.

Here’s an excerpt from the book if you don’t feel like reading the article. I wouldn’t blame you. Who cares about the Texans? lol

" Bill O’Brien told a colleague he tried to get fired as coach of the Houston Texans because he thought he might be able to succeed Belichick, the book says. Belichick and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had a much closer relationship than previously known and once met secretly in a New England airplane hangar to discuss rule changes — even as aides unsuccessfully pleaded with Goodell to drop the Deflategate inquiry, worried about the long-term damage to the league brand.

Ultimately, according to the book, Kraft, Brady and a few others discussed scenarios about who would replace Belichick. If offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left after the season to be a head coach elsewhere, New England could hire O’Brien and he could perhaps one day succeed Belichick."


See, even guys terrible at their job have to TRY to stoop lower to equal Quinntricia!


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It sounds silly. If he wanted to leave the Texans they could have agreed to part ways. He was in a power struggle with one of the principle executives, its not like they were begging him to stay. Even if he said it to someone its just one of those flippant statements dudes make after a breakup. “Yeah, she dumped me. But I was actually trying to get away from that bitch! Whew, it finally worked!”

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He could have just walked away. None of this makes sense.

We paid Caldwell as much as a HC earned for the remainder of his contract.
We are still paying doughboy a HC’s salary, offset very little, I’m sure, by his “ambiguous assistant of some sort” salary.
So, my first guess is that while O’Brien ~may~ have wanted to be an available bachelor, he wasn’t so eager to give up his sugar-momma. Better to be paid in waiting than waiting to be paid.

The only validity I would add to this rumor is that O’Brien might have had this thought process so that the Texans couldn’t seek compensation for O’Brien for leaving the Texans to take the Patriots job (if that practice is still in place amongst the NFL)