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I hope Dan puts this on the bulletin board for all to see:

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I think is going to happen. The Lions are stumbling into the playoffs, having a Net Yards per Play of -0.7 in their last three games. Their defense has also been bad all year. Entering the postseason, they rank 26th in opponent yards per play, which is the worst mark amongst all playoff teams.

More importantly, their secondary has been horrific. They’re 30th in opponent yards per pass attempt and 25th in both opponent dropback EPA and opponent dropback success rate. That’s bad news considering they now need to face a Rams air attack that features Stafford, Cooper Kupper, and Puka Nacua.

Keep your points, I’ll take the Rams to win outright.

Pick: Rams +140

Can you shorten this to a summary and link out to the article? Otherwise this is a copyright violation.


I mean, he gives legit football reasons on why the Lions could lose. If the Lions warts show of a majorly leaky secondary, no legit pass rush opposite of Hutch, OL giving up too many pressures on Goff, followed by untimely, head scratching Ben Johnson poopy pants play calls, this could get ugly quick.

Lions need to play their A game to win imo…can they do it? Of course, but there will be little room for error.

All that said, the defense needs to be big time bend but dont break. Imo, this game will be won or lost in the red zone for the Lions, on both sides of the ball - defense needs to clamp down in the red zone, and offense cant sputter and call shitty plays in the red zone.

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I’m as to who wrote that gibberish.


All that and yet the Rams D gives up 337 ypg while the Lions D gives up 336 ypg. We have a pretty good offense too and if I remember right we are playing at Ford Field. Our D is known for shutting down the run so let’s see how good Stafford is when we turn them one dimensional. I seem to remember Stafford struggling when it’s all put on his shoulders. He’s hopefully due for one of his classic pick 6s at the worst-possible-time moments. Let’s see if they can handle our running game…which I’ve heard is pretty good too.


I mean it’s not hard to find bulletin board material at this point. I think everyone outside of Detroit is picking LA.

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Nobody seems to mention the rams have the worst special teams in the league . There coverage team is horrid and there fg kicker is worse . This is a area the lions my be able to exploit?


Wish we had Leaf… Ra to return punts?


It’ll probably be DPJ…he returned punts for the Browns, so he’s got that in his bag


CBS NFL Today making their predictions right now.
Sims: 28-24 Lions
Nate B: 28-24 Lions - logic says go w/Rams, Heart says detroit (shout out)
Cowher 31-24 Rams - bases his prediction on how close they played the Ravens
Matt Ryan: 34-24 Rams - backs up Cowher’s logic
Boomer: 27-23 Rams. Hopes Goff plays well, but loves Rams WR and they have Donald.

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Who is Iain MacMillan and why does he have a superfluous i in his name?

13th man has to come up big in this one

Lions probably will need a couple takeaways to win

This should be a nail biter :person_shrugging:

Keep your prognostications. We’ll find out shortly, now.
Lions 31
Rams 23
Goff 314

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