Bills are likely to Lose Two Key Defensive Players

Jordan Poyer and Tremaine Edmunds are Schefter

Poyer is older, and its likely his last pay day, and Edmunds is a good LB, who will have a pretty big market open to him

should be interesting

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And Von Miller tore his ACL in late November vs the Lions on Thanksgiving. He’s likely to miss half of next season, plus he’s going to be 34 soon. Those would be 3 big losses for their defense.

Loved Edmunds as a prospect. I think he’s been a little disappointing earlier on, but has turned it on a bit as of late. More and more, the way this LB class looks, I’d be absolutely fine investing in a vet upgrade to Anzalone. There are several out there and the rest of our guys are super young and inexperienced. Even if it’s an older guy like David or Wagner on a short term deal while the young guys get up to speed and we can draft high end replacements.