Bingey Shows

Been tearing through Netflix shows at night dealing with some sleeping issues, which is often the case when I’m in Asia

This past couple months I watched all of

The end of the f*** world
The rain
Haunting of Hill House
The 100
Love death and robots
Black summer
The expanse
Better call Saul
Stranger things
Black mirror
Orange is the new black

I need a new show. Anyone have any suggestions?

Good Omens
Jack Ryan


He would need Amazon Prime for that. Of course based off of his post I have no idea whether he has that as well but I just noticed that he mentioned Netflix but not Prime.

How many different streaming services do you have access to? Do you have a particular genre or type of shows that you and joy?

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I’ve got Netflix, Prime and Hulu (though I never log into Hulu)

Really dig sci-fi, dystopic end of world shit and good horror

Watching The Boys on Prime is damn close to worth it, TBH. Not to mention a few others they’ve got.

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If you can find Babylon 5 reruns, that’s my all-time favorite.

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Sounds like you might really enjoy Black Mirror on Netflix and Philip K Dick’s electric dreams as well as the man in the High Castle which are both on Amazon Prime

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Yep he said black mirror :smile:

so since you mentioned better call I’m assuming you’ve seen breaking bad, probably the best show on TV IMO.

the 2004 run of battlestar galactica is pretty good.
I enjoyed stargate universe even tho they cancelled it (but it ended at a point where it made sense)

I was surprised at black summer, that I’d like that as much as I did. I didn’t know it was a prequel to Z nation, which I haven’t tried yet.

Definitely watched Breaking Bad and the Battlestar reboot

You should check out Marianne if you like horror. Was really good

Z nation was cheesy but entertaining

I don’t watch alot of original series but Homecoming with Julia Roberts was an interesting way to pass the time. And it was something I could get thru in one sitting.

HBO had a mini series on Chernobyl, but I grabbed it bootleg on firestick, so I don’t know if you’d have access to it or not. Its got one of the better quotes on life I’ve heard (but also directly relates back to what happened in Chernobyl)…"Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth . Sooner or later that debt is paid.”

Having built buildings at a nuclear power plant and spending alot of time there, it was an especially interesting series to me.

oh man yea chernobyl was a really well done series that shows how invisibly dangerous radiation is.

I’m very curious about the watchmen series.

Really enjoyed Chernobyl. Interestingly I met a Russian woman at a bar here in Tokyo who was taking holiday here. I asked her about this mini series and she immediately said she didn’t think it was true or honest


Frickin Russians!

With all due respect I do not understand how grown men can watch TV shows.

don’t you watch sports? or is this some weird trolly thing?

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Of course I watch sports. Is sports a TV show?

Football isn’t a sport anymore. The NFL registered as an entertainment group. They are not a sport anymore. And that’s official. So you were watching entertainment, which means you’re watching a TV show.


With all due respect I do not understand why a grown ass man spends so much god damned time judging other strangers online, or trolling athletes on Twitter constantly.

But hey, we all have our hobbies.:man_shrugging: