Binging a series

What are some good series to bing? I like Syfy kind of shows(Grimm, Supernatural, Fringe, etc)

Babylon 5

Good Omens

Season 1: six episodes of deliciousness.

Season #1 Trailer

I have stated this 10 time on these boards. Bosch on Amazon Prime.
Season one is good. It gets even better after season one.
There are five seasons.

Amazon prime has The Tic! That shit makes me laugh pretty hard!

Netflix - The Office is fantastic. -I also liked Stranger Things


The Shield

Ash vs The Evil Dead

Witcher on Netflix is really, really good. Watched 7 episodes before the Chiefs game came on. (outcome of Mahomes/Kelce on my FFB championship team)

I liked that one too. Solid

I liked umbrella academy. lost in space isn’t terrible but it’s a family sci fi show. altered carbon was pretty decent.

black mirror or the prime version which isn’t quite as good but has merits because it’s based on phillip k dick books, phillip k dicks electric dreams. he wrote man in the high castle too, I haven’t binged that yet but have heard good things.

Bosch great series, they did a fantastic job of staying true to the books.

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