Birkett-- Lions grades: Dan Campbell gets a C for late-game decision making vs. Cowboys

How about a C for not going for the damn field goal and running Gibbs 3 times in the red zone while Monty is available. :man_facepalming:t5:

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I love Dan Campbell’s aggressiveness. He’s good for a fake punt in most big games and there was no doubt he was going for two and the win after the Lions scored late. But once Decker was penalized for illegal touching, I thought Campbell should have stood down and kicked the extra point rather than try another two-point conversion from the 7. I also would have liked to see the Lions take the field goal on fourth-and-goal from the 4, to finish the drive with points after the fake punt in what appeared at the time (and turned out to be) a low-scoring game.


Exactly! Agreed! The team looked a bit demoralized after the failed 4th and 4 in the red zone. I saw it in their body language. I guess he was trying to make a statement but it backfired.

We played that last minute as if we were desperate and didn’t trust our defense or special teams. Our offense wasn’t exactly instilling that much confidence… am I wrong!?

■■■■ Birkett - Dan you seem a little upset after the game … what a dumb ass!

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Well as another person said elsewhere, I prefer this response to Jim Caldwell’s punt on 4th and one 9yrs ago when dealing with ref incompetence.

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Dan handled it well as he could, actually told DB it wasn’t directed at him.

Caldwell often played “not to lose” and was frequently bailed out by the uber-talented Matts–Stafford and Prater. There was a reason he was 4-23 against teams with winning records.


Love Dan, but you have to make decisions based on the situation. After the penalty, you kick the XP and play for OT. You’ve outplayed the Cowboys most of the game.

Birkett is a :clown_face:


I actually think not kicking the extra point is on the rest of the coaching staff, MCDC’s job in that scenario is to get an explanation from the refs and argue with them as long as he can. The other coaches should be getting the kicking team on the field.

The head coach has to maintain his composure in the midst of the chaos in that final moment. Kick the PAT to go to OT, then calm the team down and finish Dallas off in OT. Instead, Campbell hit the gas and Ben Johnson had to go three deep into the 2-point play chart.
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Birkett is so bad at his job

Bro completely agree what a stupid Question. Don’t let Dave ask more Questions

All gas no brakes. You win championships with aggressiveness. This is who Campbell is get used to it.

In the immediate short term seen as backfiring yet

That’s like saying Dan shouldn’t have been calling those aggressive calls he made to start last season when lions were losing close ones

Yet imo over the term of season
That belief and philosophy paid dividends when they finished 8-2 and continue this year to win and execute because some of it is learning those situations too.

Lions can grow from this and have it pay dividends while short term it cost game but also the philosophy and style had them in the game

I see it similar to draft talk

  • the overall of how they’re evaluating is doing great so swapping out one pick for another ( Carter for example ) might be changing what makes them decide la Porta is the best

I like the team Dan wants Lions to be. It’s exciting to watch too.

Dave Birkett get a D+ for his questions he asked coach after the game.

I’m not convinced that they were going to snap the ball from the 7. I think they were trying to make the Cowboys jump then just take a delay of game.

However, they should have absolutely taken the points at 7-3 on the 4th and 4. I know Campbell is aggressive by nature but I think he was more aggressive than normal in this game because, one, they really didn’t have much to lose with the 3 seed locked up and, two, because they probably figured that they needed to outscore Dallas. It turns out that the defense did their job but I’m sure Campbell came into this game thinking it would be a shootout.

Disagree. I think the way the defense was playing. Probably the best of the season. And the way the offense was getting staled out and o linemen just getting abused. Take the points and regroup.

Can’t be too emotional.

I see though how it can be hypocritical to judge his aggressiveness. But thst drive in particular after the fake punt. You HAVE to leave with points

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