Birkett (warning)--Lions mailbag: Final thoughts on Lions' 2-point plays, Goff's contract and more

As for the second part of Paul’s question, I do think there will be a role of Ifeatu Melifonwu, C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Kerby Joseph and Brian Branch once Gardner-Johnson returns to the lineup this weekend. Gardner-Johnson could play some slot cornerback, the Lions could go with a big dime package (with Melifonwu as a coverage linebacker of sorts) and early on they may just rotate series to make sure everyone plays.

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man I hope so, that’s a lot of pretty good talent on the back end finally.

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When you get beat by “a” player, why not just admit it and use double coverage the next time?

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-----------------When asked what the biggest sports story this year is------------
“First, the NFL is king, and second, the Lions have been captivating imaginations since beating the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1. While Michigan kind of ho-humly went about its business until the Ohio State game, with everyone expecting the Wolverines to make the playoffs while playing no one of consequence early in the year, the Lions have been a show at home and on the road, and fans’ emotions have followed the arc of their on-field play.”

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yup. Talent on the back end

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