Bit of a Meta rant here

That darn Mark Zuckerberg….

You were advised that there were two threads about it already.

If you have a question about moderation …, ask. That is the proper way to handle this. Starting a thread about moderation is a den violation.

From the code of conduct.

  • We encourage ALL new posters to browse the forum prior to posting. You will get an idea of what is acceptable and what isn’t
  • Browse the first 2 pages for discussions already in progress!
  • If you duplicate a topic, your post will likely be deleted or locked NO public airing of complaints against our (volunteer!) Forum moderators.

In this case it was explained to you.

Note that link is on the Den forum.

Look at them more like tags for easy reference searches. Instead of rooms. That’s probably why your confused.

It’s up to the person who starts the thread to add the tag.

But why sort by individual tags unless your looking for something specific.