Blind Stafford supporters , tell me

When was the last time he played like a good qb and dominated a game ? In what criteria you are still supporting him ?From day one I was forced to like him when all I see him is inconsistency . Tell me a potential he has to convince me that he is a good player

He put up digits against the Giants last year to beat Daniel Jones 31-26 and crucial moral victory to go with Okudah > Chase Young.

Think you have to go back to the Caldwell era maybe 4 seasons ago where we had all the 4th Q comebacks.

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Nice to find a decent game every year for elite annonited qb

Kansas City, Minnesota, Oakland, Giants, Arizona just last year. Short memories around here.

Stafford has his flaws but he has been a good enough player throughout his career to be a winning player if he had an ounce of help around him so blame the worst organization in sports history for failing Stafford not Stafford for failing the Lions


Blind Stafford haters should first account for the fact that there isn’t a longterm QB starter in the league who is required to put up more points that he does every single game to earn a win.

Last stat I saw was like 24 or 25 ppg for win over his 11 years in the league. No other QB has had a history of worse defenses in support of his productivity as Stafford.

As in, there are no QBs in the league who have had to put up more points per game to win as Stafford has. So, while he has his weaknesses, in order to put the Lions failures on his back, you need to account for that first. And then perhaps I can agree.

My own impression of him is that while he’s far from perfect, he’s always been playing uphill. Maybe he needs a dominant D to win. I’m open to that. But, painting him as a loser is a loser’s game IMO.

The problem isn’t Stafford lol.


Well, I’m not blind but I’ll answer anyway.

He’s has some pretty terrific games. Some great comebacks. Hard to deny that.

What I do wish he would do is manage games better. Tired of seeing frantic comebacks and fast starts. Put it all together.


When has Stafford played at the level that Ryan Fitzpatrick played at last night? When has he played with that much heart?


Staffords “signature” win is a win against the Cleveland Browns in 2009.

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Not saying Stafford is an elite QB. But he ain’t the problem. Set him free and maybe he can prove his biggest critics wrong.


He’s has some great games. He hasn’t always won them all, but it wasn’t because of him. But I think back to Cowboys, all those comebacks with Caldwell. I’ve never questions his heart. I have question his decision making occasionally.

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Stafford’s achilles heel is being drafted by the Lions. Shrug.


I mean, we just saw it two weeks ago. The team got shitstormed and then he marched them down for the winning TD and the rook dropped the game winner. Against a supposed elite NFL defense. He can do that shit.


That doesn’t count for blind Stafford. Swift dropped it and Chicago won


It counts against stafford for blind haters because it ended up a loss when stafford did everything he could. They just can’t see it

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Trade Stafford to Sean Payton and the Saints. We’ll see if he can win lol.


I’d love to see him wind up in NO.


Pad Stafford. Hes the best Detroit has ever had, yet zero playoff wins.


Lol ok.

He’s had a ton of 4th quarter comebacks and others like the what should have been Calvin Johnson TD, what should have been Swift TD, the defense blowing it against Kansas City last year, the refs taking it away against Dallas in the playoffs, the Lions D unable to stop Brees even once in the playoffs amongst others that could have easily been Stafford stamped wins but weren’t because of… Lions or because of refs or in other words…Lions.

The guy suffers from the unfortunate circumstance of being drafted by the Lions. Any other organization outside of the Browns would have made a winner of him.
Which signature wins did Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson have outside of a few? They all suffered the same fate, premier talents sewered by the Lions. I figured Lions fans would have understood this by now but I guess some don’t.
This is not to say that Stafford hasn’t made his own mistakes, just to clarify. Just adding some context to the “Stafford is a loser” narrative.


Only one game he played dominant was in Christmas Day against chargers at home with not much pressure . Every time he is pressured he consistently flop . So what’s special about him ? Even case keenum play consistent than him

Dominated a game? maybe you think QB’s are responsible for every else’s play. Stafford is a QB , a mailman, His sole responsibility is to DELIVER the football efficiently. That is IT. Once that football leaves Matthew Stafford’s hands ??? It is on other team mates/ other players to make plays out of their opportunities and produce results.

Matt is responsible “most times” IF the football is Intercepted , or IF he makes poor decisions with the football, or completely misses his intended target.
Stafford is responsible if he holds on too long and gets sacked because of it,THOSE things ARE all on him !

BUT again, one that football leaves his hand , it is up to another player to make some kind of production with the football…maybe you cannot understand that Matt Stafford is ONLY responsible for HIS play., His job.

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