Blocking and Tackling

I think a lot of our recent success is tied to our blocking and tackling. I can’t remember the last time I have seen such solid tackling from a lions defense. And the blocking by the offense by everyone including WR’s has been awesome. Not sure exactly what DC is doing to accomplish this but keep it going. It is a thing of beauty. Especially in Sandmans slowlights.


Drill those fundamental’s!


I think this is a big reason why we jettisoned TJ Cantblockenson


I was freaking out when they did that, but, of course, they knew better than me.
I don’t see a single instance where we have missed him.
Hard for a Hock fan to admit. Yet another instance where I was wrong.
That’s twice.:laughing:


Yeah… I don’t think Holmes was BS-ing when he said they made the trade to get better NOW… and in the future.

I think Holmes (and Dan) wanted more Brock Wright,
and less whiffs on blocks…


Yeah it would be pretty tough to watch that 1st round salary sitting on the bench while the guy that makes 50 cents is playing all the snaps. I completely get the trade.


like it….

could also be TJ Blockin-no-one…

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It was pretty satisfying seeing his drive killing drop and the blocking whiff that led to a drive killing sack while dressed in purple. Especially after he talked smack

Having said that he will probably torch us for 140 yards and three TDs in the playoffs

They knew they were going to trade him when they drafted Mitchell. Probably halfway through last season. They’re steps ahead of us fans. We’re bitching, moaning and questioning things that are waaayy in the rear view mirror.


Also the discipline. This team very rarely shoots them self in the foot anymore. Even when they do they overcome it most of the time. It very very different from years past. I have to think some of the calls we’re getting from the officials now are a direct result of that.


I could care less if hockenson torches us in the playoffs. Just as long as we score 1 more point than them. :grin::sunglasses::+1:


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