Blow off some steam but don’t forget, the Lions are freaking amazing

I don’t see the point in complaining or reading complaints for myself at this point. There won’t be another game. When the game was over all I could think, is my god, We are a top 4 team built in a sustainable manner with only a couple of obvious holes. We are going to be a contender for years to come. I never thought I’d say that in my lifetime.


We were actually the better team today. A few bad breaks, a couple dropped passes and a couple brain farts by Dan is all it took.

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It was a bummer, but if Brad has a good offseason, they’ll be back and stronger


Pretty much.

CLEAR areas of weakness. Not that affordable #1 corners grown on trees, but they need one. Hopefully Houston will come back strong.

They didn’t miss a beat without JJ; that should be money they can spend elsewhere.

Crucial non-catch by Jamo, but HUGE improvement from him over the second half of the season and he looks ready to take another huge step w/sustained health and hard work.

And this game should leave ZERO doubt in the organization’s hive-mind that they can AT LEAST play with anyone in the NFC. No reason not to set #1 seed as a goal for 2024-25.


We lost to the luckiest god damn team sad but same time proud of this team

Another offseason like he has been having, and we are going all the way next year


There’s no guarantee this team contends. Injuries and other factors will play a part. This was the perfect opportunity to capitalize and we f up


You are right, but we did what we did with some major injuries—especially at CB.

It’s pretty clear where this teams need to sign free agents is at and where we draft.

I don’t know if we can have more injuries at key spots than we did this year

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Be nice if the defense had CBs that could cover and another DE that was above average.

I’m starting to appreciate Brad a lot more than anyone else in the Franchise outside of Goff who I now have a lot of respect for. Goff has won A LOT of games for the Lions with amazing throws to St. Brown, LaPorta, etc.

After seeing this river boat BS again, I’m starting to enjoy the Campbell experience a little less.

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how can holmes not acquire a decent kicker in 3 years. he ain’t perfect

Goff played good enough to win and I believe he is good enough to win a SB here. It’s just devastating to lose in this fashion. It reminds me of the Michigan Basketball loss in the 2014 National championship. I thought the game was over…:weary:

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