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What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time we were hearing that our offense was walking all over the defense. That continued through training camp. When the season started we saw one of the worst defenses we have ever experienced thru 7 games… and that is saying a lot.

This year we improved upon our ascending offense. Yet in OTAs we are hearing that the DBs are in our receivers hip pockets and they are struggling to separate. I even heard the lightning fast UDFA rookie was able to hang with Jamo’s speed!

I see this as an iron sharpens iron situation. It will be nice for once in my life to see a lions wr core find game days easier than going against our own guys in practice… like our DL mentioned being the case last year.



I really really hope starling Thomas can grow and play up to his talent. He has first round athletic ability and speed.


Here is my thought. “Normally” the defense should be ahead of the offense at this part of the season. But I wouldn’t read too much into anything right now because pads haven’t gone on yet.


I agree. The ABILITY level of the DBs is night and day from last year. Paschal with a full healthy camp. Ditto Rokwara and Harris. Alim is trim. Houston gets a real camp, not a PS guy camp. Hutch has a year under his belt and wont be as likely to go through the drought he did after the first couple games last year.

That D IMO is gonna be all kinds of trouble.

What I wanna see is Gibbs and LaPorta picking it up quickly and Jamo dialing in w Goff.

In a perfect world with no Jamo suspension, I was on the 12-13 win bandwagon. Im at 11 now.

That secondary can lock em up for 2.5 consistently, and after that there will be a lotnof chaos in the pocket.


Jamo dialing into the offense.
Every play has progressions, reads, and the timing for each progression has a window. Each read/player has to be in time with they’re assigned window. He’s getting to his window too fast.
He’s never going to be the only read in this league, and he needs to get comfortable with the concept.
Right now, Amon Ra is the #1 and likely first read most plays.
To me, it sounds like for Jamo to have success this season, he will have to be either the first or last read in the progression, and he probably won’t like the idea of being the last read. The last read gets the least balls.
Like last year, he’s going to be coming into an offense with an established hierarchy when he is finally available.


The secondary should be much improved. The 2 wildcards to me will be Moseley and Walker. Both coming back from serious injuries and surgery last year. If those 2 come back strong, the secondary could be elite.

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