Bob Quinn: "Tight End is definitely a priority for us."

It had better be.

There’s no doubt it affected Stafford’s season.


I would be very scared come draft day if they didn’t do something in free agency. Very scared.
But then again, I don’t believe anything he would say at a “season ticket holder summit”.

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It doesn’t help that it took them most of the season to figure out that Toilolo can do more than just blocking. I do think a young TE who is more of a receiver than Toilolo or Roberts would give the offense more flexibility. He absolutely must have good hands though. I’ll take someone who is slower but more reliable catching the ball over a big receiver with questionable hands. I think y’all know who I’m talking about.

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I will say it again, the right TE with great catching AND great blocking ability is a must have for a balanced attack. The right one in round 1 would not surprise me. I believe the Pats would not have been in the SB without Gronk. We need our own Gronk. Not easy to find a future HOF TE, but if Quinn and MP believe he is there, grab him.
Round 1 or 2 is a necessity in my opinion.

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If we draft a TE in the first round I’m so out this next season

That would be a breaking point for me

I’d rather look in free agency. Cook is a little long in the tooth. Maybe take a look at James from Pittsburgh. He is still young and a solid blocker. He didn’t catch a lot but Toothlessburger had a lot of other receiving options

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TE is a priority IMHO, but it doesn’t look like they’ll find a good one in FA so they need to draft one, but I dunno how good a rookie TE can be. Roberts may step up in his 3rd year but he’s gotta stay healthy and that’s questionable. Toilolo is a pretty good blocker, so IMHO he’s a keeper if he ain’t too expensive. I had hopes for Willson, WTH happened with him? The new OC knows him, maybe he can get more out of him than JBC did?

Other thing is, if we draft or sign a big RB, maybe the guy can chip somebody before he goes out for a quick one. I guess I got my doubts about finding the next Gronk, that’d be nice but I ain’t that optimisitc right now. For sure I do not want another Ebron in the first 2 rounds.

I don’t want to say Wilson was invisible last year, but I completely forgot that he was on the the team until you mentioned him.

DE first round, and then LB or TE in second round.