Bobby Carpenter on Dan Campbell (From Pat McAfee show)

Pretty funny. Great story about Dan from Bobby Carpenter. Tells us more of what we already know about the guy…


Lol thank you for posting that. Of course the dude smokes marlboros and drinks Jack. Because he’s awesome!!! Man after my own heart, maybe that’s why I like him so much… because we’d get a carton of smokes and a handle of Jack and rock out. Although not to country music I’d have to draw a line there… :crazy_face:

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It is funny, but the dweeb on the set that attempts to mimic Dan elicits a certain desire to smash him in the head with the bat the ex-packer is holding. Just thinking about, he’s pretty irritating, too, especially channeling his inner Bob Quinn there.


I don’t exactly see this as complimentary of leadership skills as head coach

The avoid answering tough questions
I’ll be watching out for

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Lol I love this stuff. We were all young once!

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He wasn’t a coach. He was a blocking TE.

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Reminds me of Jim Leyland.

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How about his response to Alex Brown driving drunk the wrong way on a highway? How about his response to the kerfuffle of releasing the Mule on his 40th birthday, a media nothing-burger if there ever was one? MCDC will be fine. He just won’t be reading out of the “Public Relations Manual”.


Yea I’m
Just saying I’ll be watching. For all o know they might’ve released don on his bday to draw attention away from being asked the really tough questions.

I know it’s developed and story is when he was a young 32 year old blocking tight end

Man the breakfastclub with 4.8mil subscribers gave DC donkey of the day for the muhl thing.
That’s nice national coverage making lions brand shine outside of Detroit.

I’m starting to get Schwartz vibes along with an okie doke. I hope it’s just charisma that also leads to winning

Schwartz with more charisma and a better staff wouldn’t be the worst thing


Yea a little of Caldwell composure , some of Schwartz fire and emotion
Nothing I can think of with Patricia not much from Bevel.

the bat worked on money ball. anywhere else you’re a moneyball wannabe. drop the bat, dipshit.

Aw man. My coach SMOKES! Or did. Hope he doesn’t still.

Loved “He plays the meat-head and he is a meat-head deep down, but he’s a Smart meat-head.”

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He’s not Will Ferrell.