Bobby Slowik is a lock Commies HC

Boomer doesn’t know anything except that he looks like Phill Simms.

Slowik and Commies GM worked together in SF

Look what Bobby just did with Stroud


Yesterday was just joking

Slowik to Comies

Quinn to SEA.

BJ and AG stay


If that was true, he’d be hired by now. Especially with his connection to their GM


I think Washington is waiting on either Ben or the Ravens DC.


I’m also curious where Pete Carroll lands. He wanted the Chargers job that went to Harbaugh. That would’ve required substantially less work than the Commanders job, and it’s in Pete’s preferred climate.

However, if I’m the Commanders GM, I take a good, long look at Carroll. These new, younger names are compelling, but rare is the coach who is a known commodity and that players love.

I agree. If you are a brand new owner, like the Commies have, I could absolutely see the appeal of hiring Peter Carroll. You already know he’s going to set a good culture, make your players happy, and he’s going to retire in a few years anyway which gives you time to get your feet wet as an owner and start to plot what you’d like to aim for long term.


Bobby Slowik, former PFF grader. Weird I thought people that didn’t know the game worked for PFF?

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This is the smart thing to do. They’re the two best coordinator candidates by FAR.

Zac Robinson too, who it looks like is about to become the OC for Atlanta

It’s the only thing that makes any sense. Otherwise they would have made their move. Clearly waiting on someone.

Not sure what Seattle’s deal is. Maybe they’re waiting on the other? They didn’t interview AG did they?

Not buying it otherwise it would already be done. I believe BJ is heading to Washington they are sending people here next week to meet in person.

Raheem Morris got the ATL job

So yeah AG will be back


Or both teams are just waiting for Matt Patricia to finish eating his Costco sized bag of Twinkies which is a week long process.

south park GIF


I think Carroll and Bill are not getting anything this year and they could be done tbh


@coyote12 right that Ben Johnson would be staying. wrong that Slowik is a lock for Washington job.

He reupped with Texasn to stay as their OC just like Ben

Is there a reason why Hoodie to Washington isnt a thing?

Because, probably should be.

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Same thought.

Maybe they can get Hoodie and Vrabel as DC with a succession plan. Be a helluva way to rebuild a team.

The one year Vrabel was a DC didn’t he rank 32nd in points allowed? He is a good HC, but I’m not sure where the stuff about him being a coordinator again comes from.

If I’m the Commanders, and looking at their list of candidates, I’d take Glenn.

Good point. I imagine it was about control but right now both would have reason to make that work.