Bold Draft Trade Would Make Lions' Offense Unstoppable

He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.

Trade up for a TE in Rd 1? Guy must’ve went to the MM school of drafting and building a team.


I thworized about this on here about a month ago. I’m down for it.

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How Bout No GIF


I’m all in on OL.

thats offensive GIF


Who would win? Unstoppable Mets unmovable


Hes more than a TE. He lined up as a X WR a lot. Running post routes and endzone corners in the red zone.

Id rather trade up for him than Ondunze

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Did the rukes change to where we can throw more than one football on a play?


With all the rules benefiting offense, why not?

I kid. That said, wouldn’t at all be surprised if Holmes drafts offense.

All for it.

We need to conserve our Brocks.

Yes and the new rules are Orhorible.

The Mighty Morphin Bowers Rangers memes alone make this move worth it.

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Unless it’s a fairly small trade up, I think we are in a position to let the board come to us.

This roster is very very good right now, but we have a lack of depth at a multitude of spots right now. We need to keep our picks.

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The 2011 Patriots had a devastating offense with Welker, Gronk and Hernandez as their top 3 targets. Brady had 5,200 yards passing and they scored 32 points per game.

Goff, St Brown, LaPorta and Bowers could be just as potent, especially with Ben Johnson drawing up the plays.

I doubt this is the way Brad goes, but it really wouldn’t surprise me. If he thinks Bowers is worth going up to get. Brad will go up and get him.


Right on.

It almost feels like the kind of unexpected move that we should expect.

Holmes is a wildcard, and he’s a genius in that role.

I don’t really get the hype on Brock Bowers.

Think I would went with “killer” offense instead

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So let’s do it the way the Pats did it, without overspending. None of those guys were 1st round picks.


This is true. The Pats probably would have been terrible with only the GOAT, one of the best TEs of all time, and the winning HC.

Jesting aside, pretty sure that pats team was great with or without the second TE. It just happened to be the path of least resistance to be dominant.