Bold Draft Trade Would Make Lions' Offense Unstoppable

All a TE is -is a WR with a different position title.

Pitts had 1000 yards as a rookie. Cousins will surely help his career. Wouldn’t be surprised at all… Pitts has a big year. Really hard to judge a skill player with terrible qb play

How does Sam LaPorta do on the Falcons last year? Prob not too well IMO.

Youre right @Air2theThrown. Bowers is overrated and nothing special. I see you, bud.

You don’t trade up in the 1st for a #3 WR or #2 TE.

Defender = worth considering. O-lineman you think is special = worth considering.

Any other position is crazy talk.


Its funny that we have the same tight end discussion every year. And every year people declare “this time is different!”

It was for Sam

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Was Sam a 1st round pick?

Let that settle in. The sweet spot for TE talent is in the 2nd to 3rd round. The traits that propel a prospect into the 1st round do not directly translate to success in the NFL. Its strange, but true.

Or there is change afoot at the position. We shall see.

I never said that…l am not making claims like that either….lol

I am saying you will get more production from taking a WR over a move TE.

That no matter how awesome or athletic a TE is that it’s highly unlikely he sets himself apart from the plethora of similar TE’s just like him.

With each and every great TE prospect that comes out we hear that they are so special that they warrant the top 10 pick teams will spend on them. It just never happens.

Here is a list of first round TE’s from recent drafts.

Dalton Kincaid
Kyle Pitts
TJ Hockenson
Noah Fant
Hayden Hurst
OJ Howard
Evan Engram
David Njoku
Eric Ebron
Tyler Eifert

Now go read the scouting reports for these guys and you will see many of the same claims being said here in this thread about Bowers.

Take a look at Theo Johnson from this same class. Look at his athletic profile and compare it to Bowsers. Look at his scouting report. They talk about how he can be flexed outside, how he’s crazy athletic, how he can be an in line threat. Etc…. All the same things people claim Bowsers can do to…. The difference is Bowsers is far more polish and Johnson is raw and has a lot to work on. Bowers will go top 10 while Johnson in the mid rounds …… my point is however…… they are still TE’s and will be used liked every other athletic TE before them…. Which is why I state you will get more return on your draft pick by taking a similar rated WR.

I’ll keep going back to J. Chase > K. Pitts …. Atlanta should have taken Chase.

The only move that makes us unbeatable is annually getting Holmes more beans. That is all.

Which is what we are told every year. “This time is different!!!”