Boyles out with injury - possibility

Seems we may get what we wish for….

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So he sits on the couch unless Both Goff and Blough (“how ya like me now”) get hurt?


Well, I think he will sit in the QB room…. Or maybe thier lounge :laughing:

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secret squirrel crypto for shhhhpffft “hey were hiding him on the roster?”

I saw that Philadelphia released Nick Mullens after trading for Gardner Minshew.

Mullens is a QB I’d take a flyer on if we carry 3 QBs and Boyle is out for a prolonged period of time.


heck yeah, Mullens would be fine 3rd.

I think COVOD wise they keep teh 3rd QB away from the other 2. Deadman switch kind of thing

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Just read he’s gonna be out for awhile on Twitter, if accurate. Thumb injury I think it said. If Goff goes down it’s really gonna be ugly. They’ll have to find a 3rd QB somewhere.

Do NOT waste roster spots on players who aren’t in line to being future starters, period.

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Not every player on your roster is going to become a starter, it’s fine to have role players.


Backup QB’s are NOT situational players on good teams, they are the next guy in line for the job. Do you believe that either of these jokers qualifies? Then why keep 2? I’d rather have a guy with unknown ceiling vs ceiling that sucks, which is BTW, where we are at right now.

Yup - if Boyle plays, we lose anyway.
I do agree that we need some dudes that are good ST players/depth guys. We won’t ever have 100% juice from every player (salary cap prevents it).

Well… “if” Goff gets hurt, I’m hoping Blough will come in amd become the next Kurt Warner!! :crazy_face::+1::upside_down_face::heart::pray:

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I want Boyle to be cut as well… but…
not sure how many backup QBs played behind Brady, Mamning, Rodgers, Big Ben, etc. that were next in line for a starting QB job anywhere.

Jimmy G. was the top guy so far, and Jordan Love may end up being more famous as the bust thst Green Bay chose to keep over a 1st ballot hall of famer.

Obviously the 3rd string QB is nothing to get worked up about, but there was a reason SF couldn’t wait to get rid of Mullens. I’ll leave it at that.

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It might be… the fact Jimmy G. missed 23 games in past 3 seasons due to injuries… and they decided Mullens wasn’t a 1st string QB… so they drafted a guy they thought could be a 1st string QB???

Mullens went 5-11 as a starter in SF, completed 64% of his passes, and had a 25 TDs to 22 INTs.

Blough was 0-5 in 2019. He completed 54%, had 4 TDs, and 5 INTs.

I’d be willing to kick the tires…

guy had almost as many INT’s as TD’s…it’s the INT’s that worry me about Mullens.

fair enough… but Blough had MORE INTs than TDs in 2019… and Boyle had MORE INTs than TDs as a senior in college at Eastern Kentucky!!!

Yah. But Mullens was on a loaded team, in a Kyle Shanahan offense.
He is a really bad QB. How does he compare to Boyle? No idea … but Mullens is terrible, and not worth the time or roster spot.

SF drafted their QB of the future and were already financially strapped to Jimmy G., Mullens was a RFA, the Niners just wanted someone cheap to be their #3QB.

Mullens is better than both Boyle and Blough.

Here is some info on Boyle to consider…

Boyle completed 48.4 percent of his passes with an unthinkably bad one touchdown vs. 13 interceptions from 2013 through 2015. Since 2000, no major-college quarterback with at least 200 career passing attempts owns a worse passer rating than Boyle, with his collegiate mark of 77.9 equating to an NFL mark of 42.6. No major-college quarterback with more than 200 career pass attempts threw fewer touchdowns.

Boyle, in a word, was terrible. He transferred to Eastern Kentucky, regrouped mentally as a redshirt in 2016 but still threw more interceptions (13) than touchdowns (11) as a redshirt senior in 2017.

12 TDs. 26 INTs. In college.

For comparison… Mullens threw 12 or more TDs in all 4 of his college years.
Only 37 QBs have thrown for more yards than Mullens in NCAA history.


In 2014, Stafford made the pro-bowl and threw 602 passes for 4257 yards.
He had 22 TDs and 12 INTs.

Mullens has 600 career NFL passing attempts.
He has 4714 passing yards.
He has 25 TDs… and 22 INTs.

Sure… his INTs are NOT ideal.

But… in what universe is Tim Boyle better than Nick Mullens???

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