Boys (and any ladies), We're playing for a Division Title on Sunday

For us long time Lions fans, I’ve been a fan since the year Barry was drafted and I know a lot of you longer, lets just take a moment and let it soak in.

As of November 6th, 2022, the Lions were 1-6 and questions were abounding about another failed regime, when’s the draft again?, SOL etc. it was ugly. On that fateful afternoon, Hutch and Kerby went HAM on A-aron and little did we know that this would spawn an 18-6 run capping last season off by ending Rodgers playoff dreams and career in Lambeau Field then 10-4 this season with a chance to clinch the division with 3 weeks left, controlling destiny for the 2 seed and the 1 seed still on the table.

It’s Wednesday when I start thinking about football Sunday and it just dawned on me, at dawn, that the Lions have a chance to make history this Sunday.
I know they haven’t clinched anything yet, still work to do and it won’t be easy, but let’s just take a moment to realize how far they’ve (WE’ve) come and just soak it in…

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Very well stated my friend. And potentially the best part is our success looks like it might be sustainable over the next several years.

Clinching a playoff berth @ Home against the Chargers on Christmas Eve was an incredible feeling.

Clinching our 1st Division Championship in 30 years @ Minnesota this Christmas Eve will be even better.

Can’t wait. GO Lions! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you All.

P.S: This is a “whiteout” game for the Viqueens. Might we bring our Jared Goff named blueberry uniform on the road to clinch?


Meaningful football in late December!
Two years in a row!


Division games are always tough. I thought the Lions would show up V. the Bears in Chicago and THEN possibly take the division V the Broncos but that didn’t happen. The Bears outplayed the Lions again.

The Vikes are a lucky 7-7 but there IS talent there and they have something to play for still. Beating Detroit is just an added bonus for the Vikes. I am VERY interested if the real Lions team will show up Sunday.

Which team is real? The Lions that beat the Chiefs, Broncos, Saints (despite the comeback), and Packers on the roads or the team the Ravens embarrassed, the team the Bears exposed, or the team that lost to the Pack at home on Thanksgiving?

I think the Lions take care of business and win the division on Sunday.

Last year was different, though. We had that tremendously difficult start to the season that had us all drafting mobile quarterbacks by the beginning of October. LOL

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Listening to GMFB… “The Lions are the current number three seed.” just sounds like music to my ears.

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I dont think i can remember a lions team that had 3 games to clinch the division, were sitting with a chance at the 1/2 seed this late in the year, and had a 3 game lead with 3 to go in the division… fun times, enjoying it regardless of what happens this week and excited to see how far this group can go and grow.

Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things.

Successful behavior repeats itself; now it’s actually successful behaviors!!


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I used to pray for times like these

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Hopefully they dedicate this next win to Florio and Simms over at PFT.

There were a lot of media people predicting the Lions to win the division at 10-7 or 11-6.

Florio was the loudest dissenter, adamant the Lions late season wins meant nothing. Constantly repeating they were junk wins, and was sure Goff would suck enough for us to not be a playoff contender.

This guy has some of the coldest takes out there.

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He’s a Vikings fan that’s why

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