Brad Allen cost us the 1 seed


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Eh. The 9ers would have been playing their starters today, while the Rams probably wouldn’t have


Yeah. We’d be the 2 seed


I mean, I get it. But so many things would’ve been altered on how teams approached today.

What you can definitively say is that Brad Allen, because of his sheer incompetence, altered the landscape of the NFL playoffs in 2023. And that somehow sounds worse.


NFL did… Allen is the messenger boy.


How he was allowed to Ref the Steelers v Ravens game, another with playoff eliminations in play, I don’t know. At least he’s watching the playoffs from the couch! My wife’s from PA so it worked out. Some bad calls and near misses there too though. You’d think after the Detroit debacle he’d err on the side of letting them play, but early on it was laundry city.




And if the Rams lost they would have been the 7 seed

So all is well

We get revenge in Dallas round 2

And the NFL didn’t have the integrity to catch or fix it.
Maybe “fix it” is a poor choice of words? It sure looks like that is exactly what they did.
I’ll be interested to see if there will be fines for the injuries to Kalif and Amon Ra.

We were not getting the 1 seed. We would have gotten the 2 seed though, which guarantees two home playoff games.

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At least we got screwed in the regular season.

Play them round 2, have everybody talking about it all week…

Hopefully it won’t happen again and we get some calls our way when it counts.

I think we as fans need to realize that as pissed as we are about it, I can guarantee you Lions brass is much more pissed off.

They took away another guaranteed home playoff game (if we win). Thats is a ton of revenue, not just for the Fords, but for the city of Detroit.

According to sports business reporter Darren Rovell, the cheapest ticket on secondary market website TickPick for Lions vs. Rams is a whopping $552. The next closest is the Cowboys vs. Packers game, which is selling for a minimum of $336 on the secondary market.

Here’s a look at the cheapest available tickets for each playoff game on Ticketmaster (as of 8:20 a.m. ET on Monday)

Lions vs. Rams: $441
Bills vs. Steelers: $322.26
Texans vs. Browns: $175
Cowboys vs. Packers: $161
Buccaneers vs. Eagles: $150
Chiefs vs. Dolphins: $130

I understand the Stafford affect for this game, but Lions fans have been dying to see a good team in the playoffs.

He needs to be out of football.
I just finished typing in the thread regarding catches / no-catches in yesterday’s game. FBA is exactly the kind of ref that falls on the letter side and not the spirit side of things. He’s the kind of ref that would have called both incomplete if it were the Lions.

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cool stuff.
While the price won’t deter any LA fans from scooping up tickets, we won’t have to worry about them taking over the stadium if all twelve of them show up!

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