Brad, Dan, and shoulder chips

Spinning this off the Brad presser thread.

I cannot think of another GM and coach combo more viciously attacked by the local and national media and then slamming it right back in their faces.

Dan was called an assortment of names, ridiculed and mocked all because he didn’t put the media to sleep in his presser.

Brad was roundly criticized for several of his picks but most notably Gibbs.

I think Brad and Dan are rightfully and righteously pissed. The media fell into the trap of assigning franchise baggage to those two dudes, and now they look like the fools — and it’s important for Dan and Brad to call it out.

Look what the 49ers did with Trey Lance. Laughably shit decision and they take zero heat for it. Gibbs is picked earlier than a few fake evaluators had in their fake mock drafts and it’s all we heard about until mid season.

Detroit vs ■■■■■■■ Everybody. I hope they stay angry.


This is an entertainment industry.

This is theatrics.

I am entertained.


Exactly. The dude literally wears villain sweaters to pressers.

But he’s are villain. :laughing::laughing:

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We got the right people doing things.

Hope they really dont care what the media thinks.

Anyone who knew the Lions roster last year and the talent that was available when we were picking knew we did the right thing. We got instant impact guys because the roster called for it, and well…look at the result.

As for Dan, well, I am convinced people do not know a real football coach when they see or meet one anymore.

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This is a chip on the shoulder team. I love that our coaches have 'em. I love that our GM has 'em. I love that our ownership has 'em. I love that our fans have 'em.

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Don’t forget the players. They have a sour taste in their mouths from that loss in SF.
That screw job in Dallas will come to mind again and being robbed of possibly the #1 seed. And just coming up 2 games shy.

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Brad is so controlled when he wants to be. He has a background in PR. This feels very intentional… manufactured even.

They want that chip on the shoulder.

Think about what dan and Brad talked about.
Brad - “What do you need to win it all next year?”
Dan - “I need a few CBs, a DE, and a chip on this team’s shoulder so we come back even hungrier.”
Brad - “Done.”

I really, REALLY want a team everyone hates.

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I was thinking the same thing reading about the presser. I feel like this entire organization from the GM on down (Campbell, St Brown) has a permanent chip on their shoulder. I love that.

Hard disagree. He called out the media and he called out 99% of fans as well. If you wanted a R1 QB, if you hated the Gibbs pick, if you wanted Carter, if you wanted him to trade for Crosby, Chase or Sweat or do something at the deadline, if you ever used the phrase SOL, if you didn’t like the Irvin, Alualu or Bohanna PS stuff, if you’ve expressed doubt in Bro Mart or Levi … etc he just took a victory lap and rubbed your nose in it.

The media represents the fans, and the fans most definitely have not been 100% fully supportive of this regime and every move it’s made. If anyone in the media wrote “well I’m not really qualified to comment on this draft pick because I’m a sports journalist and have never worked operationally for an NFL team” then they’re getting fired or at the very least coached up to write something that will grab some attention and that’s going to be some kind of take that they’re not qualified to have.

Brad Holmes shouldn’t be reading the media, he shouldn’t care what they say if he does make the mistake of reading the media, and he definitely shouldn’t be calling them out and taking victory laps, and he even more definitely shouldn’t be doing it before he’s actually proved that he can do what he’s talking about and sustain this thing. He should be above all that. There isn’t a coach or GM in the league, or in any sport for that matter, who doesn’t get criticised by the media. That’s literally part of the job that you just have to suck up.

I consider myself to be one of the few people that hasn’t ever criticised Holmes. I criticised and lost faith in Campbell at 1-6, but I’ve always backed what Holmes has done and have had plenty of arguments on here to prove that. BPA, not making wild trades and not going all-in at the expense of the future, that’s my kind of process. So I don’t think he’s rubbing my nose in anything, but I do think this rant about people that haven’t endorsed everything he’s done is really undignified, I think all those opinions were and are completely valid even if I disagreed with them, and I feel it suggests a lack of understanding about what the media is actually there for and an oversensitivity to criticism. I want Barry in the endzone from my GM and HC when the spotlight is on them.

This doesn’t change my opinion on Holmes, but I am a little worried because he’s now set himself up for an onslaught of criticism if the team isn’t riding high again next season. The media will remember, and the second it looks like things aren’t great, the knives will be out. What’s been great about this season just finished is how everyone came together, the team, the fans and the media were all rowing in the same direction, singing from the same hymnsheet, you name your metaphor, and the media is the centerpiece of that relationship, they have the power to color fans opinions. Brad kept his receipts, well you can bet the media will keep these ones.

I think it’s unfortunate and probably a consequence of Brad not being a confident public speaker, there’s always a lot of anxiety and strain in his voice when he’s on camera and his body language is never relaxed and calm. I think that he meant to basically brief the fans and the media that they’re going to keep doing things the same way, BPA, no big moves and no all-in, but he got lost in his explanation of that and ended up calling people out. It’s not a disaster, and the best way to deal with it is to keep winning, but he’s only just put more pressure on himself and made some of the media more keen for him to fail. I hope he’s doing some damage control behind the scenes because media relationships and media patience are important, and I think he’s just undone a lot of the credit he just built up in the media.

Hard disagree. It’s a core part of his job to manage PR for the company, which when done well turns into profits. It was savvy for him to bring up the media and to do it after a good season (the only time he could). It keeps the story going and keeps interest up in the team. It also works for him to hold fans accountable, making it marginally harder for them to criticize the team in the future. The more good feelings about the team that can be maintained, the more ticket and merch sales.

Fans should too, imo. Think officiating fuckery…think losing to teams that are allowed to play by a different set of rules…think of decades of losing and being jacked by the officials in our one playoff game…envision a packer uniform (try not to puke)…think of Barry never getting a title…wasting Stafford/JohnSon/Suh…think of Millin, of Marinelli, Mooch, taking the wind…think of the missed fg despite monty Clarke’s prayers…

translation → Vengeance Tour is coming, and it ain’t about just one season. we owe the NFL a whole lot of ass whooopinz!
Vengeance tour will last somewhere between 10 & 20 years. Buckle up, boys!

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he views fans as fans as clueless and innocent and by no means expects them to know wtf they are talking about. That’s different. He literally pumps the fans up here.
Huge difference between pointing something and ‘calling someone out’. called out reporters a bit for sure. pumped fans up and communicated with them.

you are correct about that though - if you have ever said ‘sol’, etc he was talking to you. he views fans as clueless and innocent…cuz they are. reporters are theoretically professionals that study the shit and choose to stir up shit. I’m 100% behind the bald guy!

Never felt like they represented me - ever.

that was more for the fans…inadvertently → Talking to the fans through the media “we’ve got you,” “you’ve been amazing,” “With all due respect to our opponents…”, etc.

ImO, he’s gently pointing things out because ppl react emotionally and have short memories. He’s anchoring in that ppl can trust him…cuz they can…and should…and he is 100% correct in doing so. The more fans trust, they more they unconditionally have his back…and should.

After teh results we’ve seen so far, it’s hard to question him. Anand…this is tactical and extremely intentional. They are getting the fans more and more on their side and this is what it was about . Brad isn’t wasting his time with a victory lap or calling anyone out. He’s strategically getting the fans emotionally prepped for another run that doesn’t look like what they think it’s gonna look like.

This offseason, he’s gonna be “stupid,” “Ignore this hole,” etc…until about week 8. HAHAHAHA!

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I am not sure that Brad is truly reading the media, rather then living it. He does media sessions, and interviews as part of his duties…so he knows exactly what is being said and the narratives being pushed. I am ok with him calling them out when given the opportunity for no other reason then to perhaps get them to think a bit more critically before just bashing the Lions for the sake of it and tradition sake.

I wouldn’t go as far as manufactured. He’s authentic in how he approaches his communications, and as far as I can tell, he believes what he speaks.

We won’t be hated into after we’ve won a Super Bowl. The first one is going to be such a lovable loser story that you’d have to be a rival or a douche to not want to see it.

But win again and my oh my will that flip.

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I think some will flip, but most ppl looove coach Dan! I talk to a lot of humans from every NFL fan base. People of other teams light up when talking about our lions. This is more a national love affair than a lovable loser story. I want someone to Cgi me a pic of coach dan in captain America attire!!!

America’s team…for real!

I’m with the Bugman here. In its worst light it’s a petty expression of pent up frustration that a multi-millionaire executive shouldn’t stoop to, but absolutely none of it seems manufactured.

(I don’t type all that to be argumentative, rather that Bearly’s comment provoked me to look at it more critically, and even in that view I’m landing somewhere else.)

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