Brad Holmes in Free Agency

Since a lot of people are having issues seeing why some of us are mildly annoyed with Holmes thus far in Free Agency, let’s lay it out:



Player Contract
CB Mike Ford 1yr/1.2m
DE Romeo Okwara 3yr/“up to” 39m
LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin 1yr/2.4m
LS Don Muhlbach 1yr/vet minimum (cut in preseason)


Player Contract
WR Tyrell Williams 1yr/“Up to” 6.2m (1 Game, 2 Rec, 14 yards - Cut mid-season)
TE Josh Hill 1yr/1.2m (Retired before season started)
RB Jamal Williams 2yr/“up to” 7.5m
QB Tim Boyle 1yr/2.5m
WR Breshad Perriman 1yr/3m (cut in preseason)
K Randy Bullock 1yr/1.5 (cut in preseason)
DE Charles Harris 1yr/1.75m
WR Kalif Raymond 1yr/990k
LB Alex Anzalone 1yr/1.75m
WR Damion Ratley 1yr/920k (cut in preseason)
CB Corn Elder 1yr/920k (cut in preseason)
CB Quinton Dunbar 1yr/1.1m (cut in training camp)
S Dean Marlowe 1yr/990k

2022 (a lot of these details aren’t official, so take it for what it’s worth)


Player Contract
FB Jason Cabinda 2yr/4.1m
LB Josh Woods 1yr/1.2m
WR Josh Reynolds 2yr/6m (4m incentives)
C Ryan McCollum 1yr/825k
OLB Reshod Berry 1yr/825k
S C.J. Moore 1yr/"up to"2.4m
C Evan Brown 1yr/1.2m
QB Tim Boyle 1yr/2m
LB Alex Anzalone 1yr/2.25m
S Jalen Elliott ???
LB Shaun Dion Hamilton ???
S Tracy Walker 3yr/25m


Player Contract


Free agency has been BRUTAL so far for Brad Holmes. Has not shown the slightest ability to bring decent talent to Detroit through Free Agency so far. It’s early in 2022, but early results look to be more of the same of 2021, which is a little concerning…Take it for what you will. It’s gonna be a long time before we’re competitive if we’re relying on this approach to Free Agency and putting all our hopes and dreams into the draft.

Part of me is concerned that Detroit is stained.

But then I see players sign with Jacksonville or the Jets, and I think, “OK it can’t be that.”

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I have always been on the 2nd tier free agent methodology so i really wont complain as of yet, he had some hits with harris etc in year 1. I assume a few more of those this year with maybe one splash (williams is my preferred)


Yeah but the Jets historical dipshittery is a loveable drunk and the Jags have the manliest man stache since…Rasputin?

Our historical dipshittery has ties to the day JFK’s skull was ventilated and his grampy playing footsie with a dude with a lot shorter moustache and temper…

Exactly correct 1000%.

It’s hard not to have something to be excited about, but better than fools gold…

Take a look at what we paid, and what we got from Raymond and C Harris… 4M apy combined

Then look at what was paid for Ogbah and C Kirk… 36M combined APY

So far the Jags are signing the Jets, Giants, Falcons, Cards, and Raiders trash.

Dumpster fire buffet! Tasty!

Baalke when the clock hit noon.
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“We were in a position where we had to resort to a lot of those one-year deals, just with the resources that we had available to us,” Holmes said. “We’ll have a little bit more resources available to us this year, where we’re not just searching for one-year deal guys. I’m not saying that we won’t sign a guy that’s on a one-year deal — that’ll still be in play — but I guess you can say the universe is a lot more open to us this year.”

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“At this point,” Holmes said Tuesday, “the foundation is laid. We still have some work that we have to do. We don’t overlook that. But we’re excited about this next phase of the process in the upcoming offseason. Everything will be better than it was at this time last year.”

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Detroit’s GM said “free agency will be better” because the club will “have a little bit more resources at our disposal.” “This is going to be the player acquisition phase,” said Holmes.

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Look at who got signed and for what…. Other than T Walker, E Brown, J Reynolds, and of course J Jackson (stolen by Chargers)… i would t taken anyone else at their apy

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Even astute Lions fans here say “OMG the Jags were just a quarter away from a Super Bowl!” The reality of the situation is a bit different, but its hard to expect a kid who was busy doing other things to realize that. New York is a media mecca. I remember last year when national media sources kept coming out with Jets related segments to tell all of us that X player is a great fit for the Jets. Some were obvious misfires. But Jets related coverage gets clicks, so reality doesn’t matter.

It’s Day 1 of Free Agency
It’s Day 1 of Free Agency
It’s… Day… 1… of… Free Agency


I mean, this is true. Holmes also didn’t sign any other teams free agents on the first day of the tampering period last season either. It’s like groundhogs day!

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It’s almost as if he had less flexibility last offseason. We all knew that the Lions were going to be quiet in free agency last year.

If he sits on his hands and only goes bargain bin shopping once all the bigger names are gone then I’ll get the frustration but it’s too damn early to be calling for his head.

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Who would you have advocated we signed at the price the guys were paid?

You obviously have the benefit of hindsight and all the info… I’m even pretending each player says yes as long as we match…

Which player other than JC Jackson would u have signed at their actual price?


Yeah this Davicus fella would run this team back into the ground with Millen. He can’t seem to comprehend that rebuilding properly requires patience.

“Oh but haven’t we been patient enough as Lions fans?” - is his response

You’re right Davicus. I’m sick of waiting. Let’s overpay a bunch of FA’s with money we don’t have and get into the playoffs tomorrow.


Exactly. We probably need WR as bad, or worse than Jax. Had we made those signings this forum would be up in arms; and rightfully so. Jags approached FA like they’re ready to contend this year… and will pay for it.

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We’ve been over this multiple times in multiple threads. Just because we want Brad Holmes to bring in talent, doesn’t mean we want the exact players on the exact deals with that other teams made. Pay to bring in quality guys. Quit signing middling, barely-scratching-the-surface-of-a-real-nfl-roster talent to one year deals and calling it good.

Look at this roster. It has little talent across the board and is full of depth players. Even before re-signing our own guys, this team is full of guys who are all the same. Why are we wasting money on guys like Woods, Berry, Shaun Dion Hamilton? That’s like 3m to do what? Compete with guys like Bryant, Lemonier, Pittman, Bolton, Beckett at the same positions that are already under contract? Or so we can cut them in training camp. Sign some real players and quit messing around with the same contracts to the same 10 guys who all play the same positions.

We have 3 K under contract who all make roughly the same? Why? Absolute waste of money. There are 9 TEs under contract. Quit wasting all this money on players that don’t help the team.

Meanwhile, we don’t have:
A single starting-caliber LB.
Actual WRs for Goff to throw to (outside of ASB).
An actual backup TE, despite having 9 of them on the roster.
A starting safety tandem of Walker/Harris AGAIN

But hey, at least we signed McCollum to back up Brown, to back up Ragnow.

Let’s keep playing this game of musical 1yr-deal, no-talent hacks during FA that we cut before the season even starts and see how far we get though and hopefully Holmes can hit on enough draft picks to be competitive before the end of he and Campbell’s contracts in 5 years!

I feel like Santa has forgotten to stop by the DeadStroke household to drop off his toys

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I get we want a WR… Zay Jones at 10M per? He’s literally J Reynolds for 7.5M more per year…. Kirk? Should we pay Kirk top 4 WR money?

WHO? We aren’t 7 years old brother. We have to give Holmes the benefit of not choosing to get raped by the agents of SHIT players

Justin Reid is basically the same player as Walker for 2M more per year and same age… I guess maybe some would prefer Reid, I could see that. I’m not sure we are any better off and we’d have less money but sure.


I expect some type of answer. Which waste of money would have made you feel better?

Other than B Scherff and Jc Jackson no elite players were signed by ANYONE TODAY

Pretty funny everyvFA signing accept for JC Jackson is getting killed online and lightly on sports center.

Lots of guys got paid today…. Only 5-6 were any good.