Brad Holmes: Jared Goff's earned extension, I have faith it gets done

I think this is where we differ.

I think it does matter and we’ve seen it in his play.

His play declined in LA when injuries mounted along his interior OL. We’ve seen him struggle here in those same scenarios.

It’s not a knock on him. Most pocket passers need a clean pocket. He’s no exception. The Lions just need to invest there just like the saints had to do for Drew Brees. I think Drew is a perfect example and when his interior OL was in shambles he had struggles.

I’ve always believed we can win with Goff. He just needs a decent IOL to do it.

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My point was that his dependency on strong OL is not a big deal imo. It holds Brad accountable to keep Goff clean and by doing so, he also keeps a solid run game intact.

I’m a little worried about WR2/3 as we are needing Jamo to become a legit 2, and DPJ to emerge as a legit 3. I’m more than comfortable with Raymond as WR4 and Green/Trequan as WR5/6…. That said if Jamo breaks out and has 60 catches for 950 yards and 7-8 TDs, and DPJ can return to his 21-22” form (720 yd 3 TD per yr avg) we we have a top 3-5 WR room, and I think this is what Holmes expects.

I’m a little nervous about DE with a reliance being placed on Davenport, Paschal, Houston as a starter opposite Hutch… that said? I wouldn’t be shocked to see 6 sacks each from Davenport and Houston, and 3-5 from Paschal.

  • I’m loving the upside of those 2 spots, but I’m loving the upside, floor, and depth combined everywhere else.

Mahogany behind Glasgow
Manu behind Zietler
Vaki behind Monty
Campbell behind Barnes
Wingo behind Alim
Bro Mart behind Reader
Rakestraw behind Branch
Robertson behind C Davis
Green behind DPJ
Hooker behind Goff

Not only do I feel like we have talented NFL caliber players on the bench now (we aren’t far removed from AJ Parker, Tom Kennedy, Matt Nelson playing meaningful snaps), but some give optimism that they are the future starters and with time to be groomed.


I agree with this and it’s why I keep saying it’s not a knock on Goff but it matters how we build. Every QB has needs.

Me too. I think WR is a weak link and it’s one area of the team I don’t really understand what Holmes is trying to accomplish.

I mean he spends big on ARSB and on getting Jamo so it’s an area you’d think he believes in talent. Yet then he goes cheap on the depth side. Kinda odd if you ask me. Maybe he just has a lot of faith in our depth. More than fans do.

I think, with regards to WR’s, Holmes believes Jamo will settle into, or take off, the 2spot behind ARSB and they have Kalif, DPJ, etc behind those two in a solid 3/4/5 WR rotation.

Yes, I understand, the one injury away thinking with this group.

Holmes has demonstrated in words and action that he is confident and comfortable with DPJ, Green and Tre’Quan Smith.
Prior to free agency Holmes had the opportunity to bring back Reynolds. Instead he made little or no serious offer and signed free agent Tre’Quan Smith.
After Reynolds signed with Denver, Holmes had the opportunity to sign a more established free agent WR. He passed and went with the current unit.
When Holmes had the opportunity to draft a WR in this very deep class he passed. Even after the draft, when selecting undrafted free agents, Holmes signed a developmental slot WR and returner for the practice squad to eventually replace Raymond.
After seeing all this the press asked about his WR’s and Holmes replied that he thought they were on good shape at WR.
Holmes will give the current depth guys (DPJ, Green, Smith) a chance to win the X-WR position in OTA’s and minicamp before considering another option.

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If you think of LaPorta as a receiver and believe Brad when he said Jahmyr will be more involved in the pass game, the WR room looks deeper and stronger.


I honestly think that’s how they are looking at it. They maybe lacking depth at WR but they have receiving options. Lets not forget they added Vaki to the roster and he should be involved as a gadget player too. He is a weapon who the Lions can also utilizing in the receiving game.

I still wish for better receiving depth. Too many unknowns for my taste.

Yes LaPorta and Jahmyr are big parts of the passing game but they, nor Vaki, can play WR or impact the depth of that room.
I think it’s about Holmes’ belief in DPJ and Green.
Holmes is very convicted on his positions even when the outside world disagrees (see Goff).
I think Holmes has a high level of confidence in what DPJ and Green can provide this season.
These are also Holmes players because He invested draft capital to bring both players in. He generally has more patience with players he drafted or traded to obtain. Remember how long Trinity Benson lingered after Holmes gave up a 5th & 7th for him and a 6th.
They will have every chance to succed or fail before he gives up on them.

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True …. He was convinced in 2021 that B. Perriman and T. Williams were good answers at starting WR.

His WR track record hasn’t really been his best work. If not for ARSB it would be pretty bad to be honest.

I don’t think he was convinced they were good answers, I think he thought they were at least warm bodies. Granted he was still wrong.

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