Brad Holmes on big-name trades: "It's not reality."

One quote from the interview stood out to me:

““A lot of these names that you might see pop up, they look good in the media, and they are names, but that’s often – it’s not reality,” Holmes said. “Those same names that you see pop up, when you start getting into conversation, it just doesn’t work out for the best for us.”

I like Brad but Im not sure I buy that with what teams gave up for Young and Sweat.


Sounds like brad values the potential of a 1-3 in this upcoming draft more than a short term engagement with sweat/young… not sure i 100% blame him if that is his thought process.

Do i want sweat for the remainder of the year or another branch?


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Right. And if thats the case, I wish he’d just say it. I think they did fine keeping their picks.


And all those going to Detroit for the draft party thank him!


Exactly we just got LaPorta and Branch with second rounders and they both are studs. Draft picks are valuable when you actually know how to draft


Interesting take. I like Brad a lot as well. But that seems like a way to rationalize ones decision. Hell, the Rams don’t win the Superbowl arguably without the mid season trades of Von Miller and OBJ. Maybe the Lions aren’t ready to go all out just yet. But teams have been getting better in trades for years. McCaffery to the Niners last year was big.


The flaw in that argument is that draft picks don’t help you win the Super Bowl this year when we actually might have our best path in years to do so.

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Let’s face it. It’s the other NFC teams chasing the Lions. They be scared. And they should be. The Lions are just getting started and given some injury luck are a threat to be the #1 seed with their schedule.



That quote could mean so many different things. Holmes did his job and thoroughly looked into a ton of things we will never know about, and probably has other reasons besides just hanging onto draft picks.

He is not looking at this trade deadline and only this season in a vacuum, he is looking at the long term goal, where we are now and where he hopes to go. If he’s gotten us this far already and wants to continue to see his plan through, it’s probably just going to get better


Who’s the last super bowl winner to not have a big acquisition through trade?

Holmes is clearly looking to be good for a long time. He hasn’t made any all in type moves yet in free agency or in trades. I’m good with it.


Brad is trying to build a perennial contender. Only give up the future when your QB is getting older and you are trying to make one more push.


That’s not a good argument amigo. It’s the best and deepest roster that wins (throw in a heaping helping of good fortune). How that roster was assembled doesn’t matter.


Trading a 2nd rd pick for a pro-bowl DE in Sweat to pair with Hutch would totally be “mortgaging the future”…

The Lions would have needed to send a 1st rounder though. The Bears 2nd rounder is way higher than the Lions. They would take the Bears deal all day.

No way I give up a 1st rounder for a rental.


A mid to late 3rd isn’t mortgaging the future, and signing him to a deal while you have Hutch on a rookie deal doesnt hurt either


I would have traded a late 1st rd pick for Sweat…:man_shrugging: oh well, it’s all over now, and I’m exhausted by all of it, in Brad we trust.

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And just to add, even if he wanted to resign, we also are going to need to resign Sewell, Goff, and St Brown to significant deals in the next year or two. The cap can be manipulated but I think part of the overall vision is generally rewarding your own guys first instead of an outside player. So depending on that side of things, I’d rather give significant contracts to those three guys before Sweat or Young or anyone else.

Or, maybe they know they could pick these same guys up in FA in the off season and would rather do that? Regardless, not trading for any of these guys is not the end of the world (or the season).

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Agreed. Alim too. That 2021 draft class is gonna cost us a ton. That’s what happens when you draft well so it’s a good thing