Brad Holmes shops at Goodwill

I’m not judging.

I’m just saying.

Prove me wrong.

Also, I’m saying this tongue-in-cheek.

Obviously I ■■■■■■■ love Brad.


No he pays injury prone player $25m in total contracts for rental players. But could have traded for a future HOF in Khalil Mack as a rental for $23m

he’s trying to build a contender, not a retirement home.


Serious question: if Mack were to retire after a year or two, does that constitute a rental player?

I’ve been calling him Moneyball Brad for quite some time. I like it.


As long as the fit is right, and it looks good nothing wrong with a bargain. This applies to players and clothes too.

I also love Marshall’s and Burlington so


I love Marshall’s ever since I found out Eminem owns it


Carlton Davis is a goodwill player???

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Wait, he’s a LB?

Former 2nd rounder who signed a 3 year 45 mil contract

and Former 1st rounder (traded 2 1st to go get him) Davenport who put a monstorus 88.8 PFF season 2 years ago… limit his reps keep him health for the post season.

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Angry Season 4 GIF by The Office

Except the As didn’t win shit and are now being relocated to an entirely different city.

Great movie, though.

Most if not all my lions gear I’ve gotten from there. Used to always have a ton of stuff and would be the Nike shirts etc.

Dried up really quick this year though lol and don’t expect a rebound , looks like it’s back to $35 a T shirt


Shocked Pop Tv GIF by Nightcap

That gif needs to be used more often.

Same complainers Did Holmes not get players to team up an get dam near to SB after not even seeing a playoff game For Over 30 Years with his Bargain Bin team???

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I go there too for clothes. And TjMax.

American Eagle for jeans and shirts.

Ariat for my boots

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Davenport’s injury last year is confusing… He had a high ankle sprain in week 6, then they decided to do surgery on it a month later? Didn’t return all year bc of a sprain? Crazy to me…