Brad Holmes teases a potential trade out of the first round for the Lions

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@Thats2 gonna love this , nothing like proving ol Jman dead wrong and taking my stubbornness to the curb like the weekly trash

Although last year Brad went on and on about how important pass rush was and how he doubled and tripled down on drafting a certain position group (DL) when he was in St Louis.

Then drafted a RB,TE, MLB, & NB


Ha, yeah I wouldn’t put any stock into this. He’s just saying look, I might do it, to prep everyone in Detroit to be ready in case he does. And he might actually do it.

But the truth is he has no idea yet, and probably won’t until the draft is live. I’m sure last year he thought he’d be picking at 6 and trading up from 18, and instead the reverse happened. You have to stay fluid.

Which is why trying to guess what he’ll do is probably an utter waste of our time. I suspect even he doesn’t know.


But it is fun tho


It is a rare GM who is able to trade out of the first on draft day and I don’t think Holmes is one of them

He seems to fall in love with his convictions - and they’ve been worth loving - which makes me doubt he’d be willing to walk away from a player who has a first round grade to get later and future picks.

But sure, if their 14 - 18 players with 1st round grades are all gone, then it would be open season. Someone will fall in love with a QB and trade a future 1st to move back up

In a situation where we need like 3 impact guys in FA and draft, and Holmes having a propensity to shuffle the deck on draft day, depending on who is still avaliable in that 15-22 bracket, I expect a trade up.


Sure, but he’s also not blind their current draft stock. We all know he LOVED Gibbs but still took the trade down from 6 because he figured he could get him at 12. And apparently he also knew he wouldn’t be able to get him at 18.

He also traded down twice more.’

I don’t think he’d have any problem trading down if the correct situation presented itself. You can’t only be a GM who trades up or stays put, you’ll limit yourself that way. The other GMs need to believe he could do anything. And I suspect they do.

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All I know is that I can’t wait to use this gif during the draft:

team america vomit GIF

The difference between this year and every prior year is they don’t have a top ten pick.

Come pick 29 their 10-20 first round graded players will be dwindling. This is very unlike last year when even if someone unexpectedly drafted Gibbs they would have plenty of fallbacks

I am not discussing trades back in the 2nd round and later here

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I still laugh from time to time when you said round 5 please draft someone I want and i go please draft someone I at least know

Colby Sorsdal

“How could you”


They also don’t have a ton of additional picks later in the draft like they’ve had the last couple. This feels similar to 2021 in terms of working draft capital. The only movement they did in that draft was move up from the 5th to the 4th to draft Barnes.

Every draft is different. I honestly feel like Brad could move back as being just as likely that he could move up. I personally don’t see Brad raiding the cupboards from this years class or next years unless there is a guy he simply can’t live without.


Every year he shocks us it seems. This year I believe he will trade up


Trade up confirmed.

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Brad is going to explore every trade option that he can. It is part his process. I think when the board shakes out, there will be at least one player that Brad has rated high enough to be willing to trade into the teens to snag. I think it will come down to asking price for that move. Last year Brad seemed to be of the opinion that the back of the 1st round had the same level of talent as the beginning of the 2nd round, so he stayed pat at #34. He felt there would be a good player available at #48, but Branch was too good to be true so he moved up.

This year we have multiple 3rd round picks. The pick from the Vikings is 9th in the 3rd. I could see Brad using our natural 3rd as trade ammunition in the 1st or 2nd round…or I could see him trying to upgrade the Vikings 3rd rounder to a 2nd round pick.

To me the best trade down that Brad can make is with the Panthers at the first pick of the 2nd round. Thats because it could pay off double. We would get the picks to move back a few spots from the Panthers while also having the opportunity to cash in again as teams make overnight offers.


I like this idea, as Carolina will be bad for awhile and likely wants a pick in rd 1 for the 5th yr option.

They dont have a lot to give back. They have their own 2, 3, 4, SFs 5, Tennessee-s 5 and ARZs 6.

We dont need the late round stuff, wont have room. Very sure they wont give 33 and 65 for 29. That 4 is gonna be around pick 102…is that enough for us? Do they want to part w it?



He did this the year before about liking a lot of the safeties and didn’t even take any.

He also said “people were upset about Gurley going 5th overall until he took them to the Super Bowl”

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I’m not saying it won’t happen, but every draft is different. You don’t want to discuss trade backs in the 2nd, OK, but I think it’s extremely pertinent. It goes to show that when he sees the value/slotting right, he’s not afraid to move back. This is as true at 1 (or should be) as it is at 200.

It wasn’t like there weren’t guys Brad loved on the board when he moved back in the 2nd last year. He traded what, 3 picks to move up for Bromart? 4? He clearly loved the guy. But he also knew where he was going.

So say he loves I don’t know, Legette at 29. But he reads the board and believes he can get him after trading back. For sure he’d do that.


I would guess Carolina may hope for a trade DOWN from #33 rather than trading up…. but I might be wrong (it happens erry day).

OTOH…. @Mr.Peabody did say that was “best case” scenario…

But it isn’t.

At 200 your buckets are huge. At pick 29 your bucket might only have 2-3 guys left.

As you say, it doesn’t mean he won’t trade back but it definitely is a different equation. The risk/reward isn’t close to similar

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Not for the 31 other GMs. :laughing:

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