Brad Holmes with Peter Schrager

Listening now. Love hearing from Brad. Such a good dude.


Thank you for posting.
Schrager has been a fan of Holmes/Campbell and Detroit


Got to a part where he’s talking about drafting Gibbs, saying he’s a weapon, not just a RB . . . where the internet nerds are classifying him just as a RB. BH said they had 14 players with 1st round grades and when they drafted Jack Campbell, he was the only player left on their board with a 1st round grade. So most of the draft went like BH expected, based on his scouting (4 reaches I guess).

Also said to the internet nerds, if it didn’t go as you expected, maybe you learned something, LOL.

Nice interview, still watching, but BH seems really relaxed and open.


As one who has lived in the metro Atlanta area for 27yrs Schragers comment on Marta is spot on.
Really enjoying this one.


Brad always seems to look like he knows something that others don’t …not in an arrogant way, but a calm, relaxed, knowingness.

He is the draft king, for sure.


She’s taking Lenny for a walk.

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“as good as we were last year offensively, this year we’ll be even better.”

-Brad Holmes


I really appreciated that they didn’t rest on the performance of last year’s offense and spent high capital to take another step forward. However, they also made key improvements in the defense.


Holmes also indicated that so far as they knew, they were the only one that had Gibbs rated that high. And then started to hear rumblings about other teams that might have as well only after they picked him.

But they were fine with taking him and don’t care what other teams, let alone the pundits, thought about it.



Great interview - Thanks for posting. Love our team from ownership all the way down to the waterboy!


Even teaching his players how to use Draft Kings, he keeps giving back to the community. :wink:

Impossible without Chark! :wink:

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Remember the interview before the draft where Holmes was talking about how they just kept drafting Dline when he was with the Rams?
Yeah, smoke and mirrors!

Regurgitating an old story discussed in this forum last year.

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Brad Holmes and The Honey Badger don’t care.

That was a fascinating in-depth dive into Brad’s early professional life, the persistence and preparation that led to his quick rise in his field, and some of his luck in finding the right people to learn from at critical times in his development.

All this plus 3 years of pushing most of the right draft day buttons before he turns 44 at the end of July. With both him and Dan Campbell, it’s like Baby Jesus fell out of the manger and right into our laps!!

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I love that it annoys him when people get pissed at him he took a player the mocks didn’t have there. Shows his human side….great stuff.

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Very enjoyable. Got to see a glimpse into BH’s thoughts and life. :+1:


I’m convinced of it!!!

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Loved him talking about Aaron Donald and saying he was afraid to put too high a grade on him. I’m not sure who our Pittsburgh scout was in 2013, but he shouldn’t be scouting for NFL teams any more.

3rd round comes up, board looks foggy and people in the draft room start throwing out names to draft
BH says “John Johnson”
Wade Phillips (DC) says “John Johnson??”
BH says “I’m telling you this guy is a starter”
Phillips says “Oh if he’s a starter, then” :rofl: :rofl:

Reminds me of the when someone shouted Brian Calhoun in the 2006 draft . . . except BH knew what he was talking about.


I just watched the whole interview or chat on U tube for those that have trouble with some videos i added the u tube link great talk

Article, not paywalled in the DetNews from this interview. Holmes comments on Goff:

Jared Goff trade: Though Holmes has come out in support of Lions quarterback Jared Goff time and time again, there will always be some folks with the idea that Holmes has always intended to move on from the former No. 1-overall pick, who was sent back to Detroit in the Matthew Stafford trade — Holmes’ first big move as general manager of the Lions.

Holmes shared details regarding the trade, which reveal how he’s truly felt about Goff all along.

“I’ll never forget, (Rams general manager) Les (Snead) asked me … ’Do you want Jared in this trade?’ And I was like, ‘Hell, yeah. Absolutely,’” Holmes said. “It wasn’t like, ‘Just give me any quarterback. No, I was like, ‘I want Jared in this trade.’

“The reason why I’m so proud of him and why I’m so happy for him is because, that first year (in Detroit), man … the way that the narrative was of how the trade went, it kind of went, ‘Oh, Jared can’t play.’ I’m like, ‘Dude, this guy was just playing in the (NFC) Divisional (round) playing with a broken hand, completing 70% of his passes. Like, why can’t he play anymore?’”

Holmes said Goff’s toughness is the “one trait that goes overlooked.”

“He’s a Detroit Lion. He’s that. He embodies what the city’s about, and I think the toughness and everything he’s endured, I think everybody just has a lot more appreciation about him,” Holmes said.