Brad Is Playing 3D Chess: The Flexibility of Acquiring DPJ

A day later I want to address a couple of points I didn’t find or recognize in yesterday’s main thread about trading for DPJ:

  1. DPJ is WR insurance now, but if he meshes well with Goff, could he be a younger, less expensive replacement for Josh Reynolds in 2024? OTC values DPJ at about $8M this year so far versus $13M for Reynolds. Both will be UFAs. Reynolds will be 29 and should be looking for His Pay Day. I wouldn’t blame him. Do you need more proof than Jamaal Williams that Brad is a Villain?

  2. Does trading DPJ for a 2025 6th rounder signal Brad’s comp pick strategy for this off-season? After resigning/restructuring players like St. Brown, Sewell, Goff and others, is this the year Holmbell lets good players go to free agency, like Reynolds, Jonah Jackson, Julian Okwara, CJGJ, Moseley, Vaitai, Charles Harris, Romeo Okwara? Brad is getting back at least 6th round comp pick in 2025, probably more.

I think it’s likely that Brad will net annual comp picks in 2025 and going forward, because he can’t pay every good player on the team he’s grown, starting with this coming off-season.


Exactly! Keep getting better, younger, and cheaper at every opportunity.

At some point that will mean Hooker or another drafted QB too.

Josh Reynolds is having a career year, but his next contract demands will be likely higher than the Lions want to pay. DPJ could be a way to get better, younger and cheaper.

Very good move, just with they could have added a DB or DL as well.


Should we need a CB in the near future due to injuries, I suspect Brad has already identified a few practice squad players on teams like the Niners, Ravens or Eagles who won’t embarrass us.


Reynolds has played well this year for sure and he deserves a big payday. I just hope we aren’t the team to give it to him. Love the trade for this year and flexibility in the offseason.


I don’t think that DPJ is an upgrade over Reynolds as a receiver, especially not with the way he and Goff seem to read each other’s minds. DPJ does offer special teams play and depth at returner. The Lions may let the choice of which player to keep hinge on who will sign a team friendly contract. Our cap situation is really good right now, but we all know that there are going to be major deals to sign over the next few years if the core of this team is to be kept intact.


What am I looking at here, OP?

logical star trek GIF

I want Moseley signed with Harris’ exemption. Seriously. :slight_smile:

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Crosby being traded, was never a reality, and the only guy worth the money.
The DB’s I saw available were backups at best. Not Jacobs caliber backups, either.

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All the DBs were either dorsey level of play or teams wanted multiple picks. No in between

Only 3 DL moved.
And hearing what the rumored reports were about Young or sweat then hearing what holmes had to say. They weren’t a fit.
Sacks are on thing, pressure rate and a team win is another.

As nice as it would have been to add. Just no one available for a reasonable price

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Only 3D Chess? Length, Width, Height, that is it? Not good enough.

As they say in Netflix’s Dark. Not Where. But When?


Jared’s playing 3D chest.

Playing it well for that matter.


That would be a great signing……

I wonder if there may gut be a chance?

He gives Goff a goal line jump ball guys along with the ability to play the outside if needed.

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I think it makes sense for all parties. I assume that in 2024 that number will be around $3m paid out to Moseley and cost us just under 2M towards the cap. He gets to stay with the same team that he is rehabbing with. He seems to like it here. We’d PUp him (or the equivalent designation) probably a bit further into the season. Then if it works out we get a decently high level CB for the stretch run. If not oh well.

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I think Reynolds knows he has a good thing here with Goff. His last go at FA was a mess.

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I agree Lions are his third team. He will get a raise but I think he resigns for two years. Reynolds an if we sign Peoples ( depends on play) gives us a solid big WR pair to go with Brown Jamo an Raymond heading into draft. We also have couple on PS they likely make a offer on the cheap.

We can draft WR if one falls they like . We don’t have to draft one.
At draft time WR RB QB will be positions we will not need to fill unless one slips in draft they like.

The Lions like Pascal as the other DE when he as been healthy he has done well. He may not get sacks but does need attention an gets pressure. Also allows Lions on snaps to send a Off LB.

I am not sure if they keep Jackson either way i am ok. I do think they will keep the rest who are due new deals . I think they will keep there studs an a going rate when contracts are up.
We can handle them when they come up for a contract.

The key player I hope we can keep is Decker 2024 with Rags 2027 , . I think Decker will let Holmes know what he thinking he may know now.

They will still have good playing years left , . I imagine if he signs extension of say 3 years to end of 2028. by then we would have young players ready to replace them. They can sign Sewell for likely at least 5 years maybe 7. The number to look for is the Guaranteed. He is 23 7 years his last year he is just 30

This roster can be managed now with cap an with draft an few free agents.

That’s true. From a pure football career standpoint, staying in Detroit makes the most sense to maximize his talents.

Josh has made just under $11M in his career so far. Let’s say, this spring Josh can get $10M guaranteed from the Lions over 2 years versus $15M from, say, Houston. It could be his last contract. What’s he gonna do?

+DPJ, -late 5th>>>>>>>+Claypool,- pick 32.

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I think DPJ is going to be able to draw consistent coverages that open up the underneath stuff for St.Brown, Gibbs, and Laporta, and Monty, the way they planned for Jamo to do. He will take some pressure off Jamo allowing him to develop under maybe a little less pressure (not talking about from fans). Plus give Jamo a boost of incentive to work harder to be the top receiver that he envisions himself to be.

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