Brad on Rich Eisen Show


Hell yeah they do.

I can’t remember the Lions time I went into a Lions season w/ this much anticipation, all fueled by @BigNatty vibes …


I gave the summary an initial thumbs down as it was a little extra “clutterry” to me and didn’t know if this was going to be on all threads going forward.

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with great power comes great responsibility GIF

Unfortunately the show uploads in segments first before the whole thing.

Can anyone tell me what the hell the little red thing on the lion is? I feel like an idiot over here because I am just clueless.

If the Ford Family only knew the power of Rocky, he would be on their payroll.

It is the little locket that McVay was wearing around his neck last year when the Rams and Lions met in the playoffs. It is all that is left of McVay from that game and so inconsequential that the Lion does not even notice it.

Okay, so nobody knows lol. I feel less alone now.


Love this so much, brother!

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I would love that so much

This is a little random.
…okay…very random
…& very powerful

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Truthfully, I thought they kept the training wheels on him too long to start last year. He was NFL ready the day he was drafted. I would like to see him featured more this year knowing Montgomery will get his share too.

I’ll add. I love seeing Gibbs lay the wood downfield. Dumbasses complained about his size coming out of college but he didn’t shy away from contact back then and he doesn’t in the NFL. Sign of great players is they always fall forward or are moving N rather than S at the point of contact. He’s one of those guys. An all-around player in all facets of his game. No weaknesses and or always trying to improve upon them.


Early on it was discussed he was tipping the plays. So he had some learning curve happening. He was also running the holes wrong…too fast, too slow…ect.

I agree he is elite but still had a learning curve

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Not only that, Gibbs himself admitted he was playing too fast in the beginning. Brad confirmed this and said that as they watched him develop his “game speed”, that’s kind of when the wheels came off. So it wasn’t just coaches that saw it, it was the player himself.

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This is when you know you have a good problem…your RB is playing TOO FAST!
Hahahahaha! I know what they mean by that, but still…this cat is juuuuust getting started. He’s my fav RB in the NFL and I love RBs. I would not trade him for anyone, and he’s the most fired up I probably ever was for a draft pick. RB is my fav position and I love watching the good ones. By the time it’s all said and done, I think he ends up being the 2nd best Lion RB in franchise history.

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It’s a fire alarm strobe.

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Yup, I may have a Gibby jersey en route to my house very soon.

Looks like a pack of Dunhill red cigarettes. Thats one classy lion