Brand New Lions

Same old shit. Whenever its a meanigful game these guys dont show up. This is not a playoff team . Playoffs will be in road , so defense will show same lack of stanina.i was just supporting you guys seeing all of you pumped up, but in reality we knew that we didbt beat a good team, jets were injured, jagurs punched jets week before and we barely escaped jets . We are not psycichal enough . This look like marinelli defense everybody holding their pants

Hear nothing from the troll for like 7 weeks, and lose and they come back full force.

Go find a new team ESPN


Just put the dude on ignore. He adds nothing of value.


Bill Hader Popcorn GIF by Saturday Night Live


Lolol the Bill Hader Keith Morrison sketches are pretty good… and if you watch dateline some of the stuff he says is pretty spot on.

“So, you saw your husband get shot in the face? Must’ve been pretty wild…”

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