Breece Hall Harrassed At Airport; Ex-Giant Carl Banks Helps Out -

What the hell is wrong with people? I honestly believe there should be legal “ass-kicking” exemption for people who are acting like dicks, and can’t abide by the norms of society.

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Seems to me that the guy was looking to get paid after he got beat up…lol


Definitely wouldn’t want me on the jury; I’d say you asked for it, and he obliged. Lol

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This is a prime example of why Article 117 in the UCMJ should be applied to civilian law. There’s no reason why that guy shouldn’t have gotten a pop in the mouth for being an obnoxious d■■■weed.


I worked at a specialty clinic that had a couple of athletes for well-known teams come through as patients. It must shock some fans to hear that these guys might like being able to go about their business off the field/court without drawing a crowd. You interact with them like any other person out of respect for their right to be left the hell alone. One of them had his hat pulled down low so you couldn’t really see his face unless you were talking to him. I took that as a sign he might not appreciate me mentioning a pretty awesome play he had a few nights before, let alone pester him for an autograph.

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