Brian Branch speed

Something I noticed while reading a pre combine article on BB is they noted his speed as being a strength. He has been clocked on the field, during a game at 22.3mph

Jamos speed is considered elite world class at 23mph and last year clocked the fastest time one week from a WR on a catch at 20.31mph against the Vikings

The fastest time from any player all last year was a reception from Paris Campbell clocked at 22.1mph

Is it possible Branch just has poor block technique as a sprinter for a 40 time?


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He will get beat by speed from time to time. It’s going to happen. Great player but that is the weakness to the extent there is one.

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When you watch Branch tape, watch his feet. See the point that he recognizes the play and then starts heading in the right direction. It’s why he gets to the point of attack with so much physicality. He’s up to full speed when he arrives.

There were some that were advocating for him at #6 overall. I definitely wasn’t in that group but I’d have been happy to get him at #18. I could never have imagined him lasting to where we got him.


His anticipation, closing speed, and tackling ability should’ve put him in round 1. After Bama’s bowl game (where he was absolutely dominant) started watching tape and he has the “intangibles”. Can’t believe he fell to where we got him… my sleeper pick for DROY.


So you’re saying a 40 time isn’t actually a good reflection of a player’s in game speed???

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Absolutely disturbing.


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That and the difference between the mph and 40 is stark. Typically those guys who are hitting 20plus mph in a game have elite 40 times too

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