Bring Back Wayne Fontes!

We do need a coach for Saturday! It’s a Christmas miracle!!


Did Bevell fire himself already?

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We should just do it. Let’s get down TechmoBowl style, this weekend. No punting - bench Fox for sticking up for the Coomb-over.

No more/less significant than what will actually happen. :wink:


$10 says he snorts a line off of a cheerleader’s booty on live television.


He may be a covid scratch lol

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this ain’t Miami Vice !


Is the Big Buck still around?

Wikipedia has him alive at 80!!


Yeah Wayne is still alive. Wayne isn’t coming back at 80 obviously. But for those fans that want the next Lions coach to be a players coach, Wayne is one of the ultimate players coaches. He was extremely soft on players back when he was the HC in the 1990s & that softness IMO is the one of the main things that caused Wayne to be fired after the 1996 season. Wayne seemed to have wanted to be every players friend.

He won a playoff game, regardless of how soft on players he might have been.

Yep. None of our hard ass coaches can say anything close

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Yeah, but he had Barry. Imagine if he did not.

The Lions D was also fairly good in those days, it wasn’t just Barry. Spielman, Porcher, Blades, and Ball really anchored a decent D. That playoff win in 91, we allowed 6 points in the entire game.

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Agree. I also feel if Melvin Jenkins hadn’t gotten hurt, they could have been really good. Had some decent, better than average DBs, as well as a solid WR room that could do well in man coverage, because the entire Defense was shitting their pants over what Sanders was going to do to them.

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