Bro, this is last year's Packers game, except

instead of praying for the Rams to win, or just fighting the Packers, the Lions can effectively issue a knockout.

Jesus, ■■■■■■■ do it.

Also, I’ve been drinking

Jesus wouldn’t like u swearing… but I have a potty mouth too. I forgive u brother.

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I see this more as Carolina game but this time Lions run over their opponent.

Next week is more like last years Packers game, on the road vs a division opponent.


I don’t think Jesus minds if we swear

If we win this, then in a somewhat ironic twist a Seahawks loss clinches a playoff berth.

Buddy made wine like Francis Coppola, I’m sure a couple f-bombs occured

Jesus was bad ass!

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All I want for Christmas.

Well, a couple hours ago, All I wanted for Christmas was a Vikings loss.

Time to get greeeeedy

you will be very happy at least 2 more times this season, bro

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