Is brockers going to coach with lions next year. I was surprised he wasn’t cut this year i know his money was guaranteed but he was taking up roster spot.


That would not surprise me, at all.


I’ve heard several people suggest this in lions world as well. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I actually hope it happens.


He’d have to take a 9 million dollar pay cut to be a coach! ha ha couldn’t resist.


Still, it won’t be chicken feed. He can let his investments grow and not have to touch them.
I suppose ESPN or Fox could make him a better offer. That’s probably about it for a 30 something pro jock.
I’ve played scholastic sports, and I’ve coached them.
I got way more out of coaching.


I think Brokers is done in Detroit all together.

Don’t expect him to coach or to be here next season.


You just can’t dump a cheer leader like that, can you? That was the other side of the tracks during my HS years so i have no reference point.


Fox has no use for employing lesser players. What would Fox hire him to do… laundry?

Just wanted to throw this out there…

“Before joining the front office, Agnew spent three seasons with the Rams as a defensive tackle (1998-2000) and was a vital contributor on the field and in the locker room as the Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999.”


Just a matter of time until we get a 3rd round bean for this smart hire!


And as it relates to Brockers, what is ~his~ next step? Is it coaching or is it front office??

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It could depend on his family. If they like Detroit or don’t want to uproot their kids again it’s very possible he stays.

The front office is doing a great job…also I challenge any other front office to a cage match with the Lions front office. Agnew, Dorsey and Spielman all played in the nfl for several years and Holmes was a DT in college. And Sheila was a tennis star! lol Rod Wood would be the hype man.

Bring it on!!!

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Right before the match stats…shift Fox to FO…& make Sewell his assistant!


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he can stay in Detroit if he wants to but I doubt it’s as a Lion… I think he’s done here.

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I was wondering where he’s settled at - if he’s in Michigan and Detroit
I can see it
But if he’s still a permanent resident elsewhere
I could see him returning home

I could see them bringing him into the organization as a coach or some off field role.


Highly doubt it but anything is possible.

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kind of think that way after they decide not to pay him the extra 10M on his contract. I know…I know…he has to see that writing on the wall and should have realized it when he signed his deal but some people account for money in strange ways.