Broncos sign Frank Clark for a bargain


Clark will get $5.5 mill in guaranteed money…
up to $7.5 million total for a 1 year deal.


Clark was not that good a player during the regular season last year. He turned it on in the playoffs, but I don’t think he will come close to being the player he was.

There are quite a few edge rushers still available, too bad its probably our deepest position outside of maybe safety.

He was a rotational guy.
Just played key snaps now and then.

Think if him as another Houston or Comish.
Good at times but not a solid starter.

That contract confirms that.

Lions dont need another one of those guys.

They need a STARTER. And those dont come easy or cheap

I would strongly disagree here. Hutch is clearly a starter on one side. Romeo is two years removed from his achilles and was a very good strarter prior to injury. If he doesn’t work out, Harris was probably our best defender in 2021. He should be healthy and motivated in a contract year. If neither of those two guys work out we have Cominsky, who was an unsung hero last year. Their was a stark difference when he was and wasn’t in the lineup. Just in case none of those guys can start we have last years 2nd round pick in Paschal, who has been hyped up some this off-season. Just in case all four of those guys can’t get it down we always have a flamethrower to bring in with James Houston, who averaged over a sack a game.

We have starters and elite depth at edge.