Broncos/Vikings - Game of the Day

I’m pumped to watch this game

Minnesota starts 1-4…then rips off 5 straight wins

Denver starts 1-5…then rips off 3 straight wins

Two of the hottest teams right now, hope we get a good game tonight


I hate the fact that I like so many of Minnesota players now

Dobbs, Addison, Hock etc

But I bleed Honolulu blue and silver
Let’s go Broncos!!!


I want the vikes to lose so we inch closer to the title baby!


Even a tie.
I don’t want Denver gaining too much momentum either.


Addison is pretty much what I thought he would be when he got drafted which sucks for us. Really hoping he wouldn’t, but I was a big fan of his especially the Pitt version of Addison. Might be Kwesi’s best pick.


I hope we draft as well at the end of round 1 as the Vikings have

Even Cine should be solid

■■■■ the Vikes. That is all


■■■■ the Queens for sure.
I do really like Dobbs and think he is the future in Minnesota.


I shall watch…

And two teams that will give Lions 3 wins…

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Need Broncos to win. Dobbs is a perfect fit for Minny’s offense so any loss is good for Detroit.


Reading how Dobbs had to be told where to throw the ball every play up until the 15 second mark reminds me of what they said Goff was doing with McVay.

Not surprised at all but the gist was that Dobbs doesn’t know where everyone is supposed to be (how could he with a couple weeks in the locker room), so instead the OC is simplifying and saying call the XYZ play. look right and then the back left side should be wide open.

This can work for a while, but teams adjust. Payton is a great game planner and knows this. Wonder if the Broncos will appear to read Dobbs mind tonight.

What do you expect after 2 weeks my dude?
Only thing that matters as they are winning and he is performing well.

I’d very much appreciate it if they just started this game at 7. Because my goodness, this Bills game is atrocious. I almost want to change the channel every time the Jets have the ball.

and it’s lasting forever

Foul on every play. Totally unwatchable.

Watching Cook’s Country reruns. It really is unwatchable.

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Oh look. NBC has that full Dobbs hype-train going.

makes sense based on how the team has played since he took over.

Despite how maligned it is, Norris now above .500 with a positive point differential

Both could change with tonight’s game

Side note, as I mention every week, listening to Jac Collinsworth talk creeps me the f out. It’s like his dad is using some sort of wifi hand puppet to move his mouth and speak.