Bruce Arians Retiring

I don’t have an article to link, just saw it pop up on Twitter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has retired from coaching and will move into the front office.

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Health, tired of the grind, wanting to be away from Brady but not have to trade him. Could be anything really, hope it isnt health

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Didn’t he do this once before? yawn.

I guess he’s getting in touch with his inner Urban Meyer.

I think Brady squeezed him out.


he did the same thing Jordan did to Isiah Thomas in the Dream Team scenario.


He got Fredo’d


I think Brady was real pissed how Arians handled the AB situation. Bucs ownership chose Brady over Arians.


I think the friction between him, Brady, players and coaches forced ownership to make an executive decision.

Too many we’re not seeing eye to eye with Arians. So if you have to pay the guy then delegate him to an office, strip him of power and put him to work doing something that can help the team.


What Bruce Arians is doing for Todd Bowles is pretty sweet. He’s set up better than anyone could hope to imagine to show case his head coaching ability. Not many people are given that opportunity. I wish him the best.


I don’t think it had anything to do with friction or Brady or any of that. I think Arians is a good dude:


I still think Tom should have picked the Titans, but the weather is better in Tampa and you got the beach and stuff. Very overrated team IMO, but Tom will still carry them into the playoffs unless he loses it all of the sudden. He looked great last year.

Losing Antonio Brown was a huge blow to their Superbowl chances. I probably would have just fired Arians rather than delegate him to the doghouse.

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Whats a better situation for bowles?

A year with brady at qb


The coach having to take over after brady retires.

Arians did bowles a big solid


I don’t know anything about Bruce, but if his words are truly from his heart: good for him!

One of my favorite quotes “Leadership: if serving is below you, then leadership is beyond you”! BA is showing humility and love for those he can impact…. Good for him!! :crazy_face::+1::heart::upside_down_face::pray:

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This is the second time Arians has stepped away from the game where it was known to players before he ever announced it publicly. This is the second time it was never leaked. Whatever people write about Arians, that’s respect.

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Players who were drafted in the same year as Tom Brady (2000 NFL Draft):

Courtney Brown - 1st overall
LaVarr Arrington - 2nd overall
Brian Urlacher - In the Hall of Fame
Stockar McDougle - Lions 1st round pick
Chad Pennington - 1st QB taken at 18 overall
Barrett Green - Lions 2nd round pick
Rueben Droughns - Lions 3rd round pick

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Absolute steals, lol

I’m just amazed how long all these guys have been out of the league. Tom is entering Gordie Howe territory.