Bryce Young-led Panthers offense gets just three points as OL struggles mount

The Panthers OL steamrolled the Lions defense last season. What a difference a year makes. Mostly the same personnel except RG.

I worry for the Panthers. I’ve watched most of their pre-season games and they’ve been dreadful. I know it’s only pre-season but they’ve played a lot of starters and they’ve barely moved the ball at all.

I like Bryce Young but I’ve always been concerned about his physical tools. I can see how you can build a decent offense around Anthony Richardson in his rookie year as there’s always his running that lifts his floor meaning you can take the Eagles-Hurts approach. You can’t do that with Bryce as he’ll get squished.

The Bears have their R1 pick next year too.



I think the Panthers will have to find an identity. They are going to be a run heavy team. Sanders could end up a FF steal this year. They are going to do everything they can to protect Young. Hopefully he can hold up, their OL looks scary bad.

Haha. Normally I’d agree. But I’m not especially thrilled at the prospect of the Panthers being terrible and then the Bears drafting Marvin Harrison Jnr.

Defense should be really good. I believe Reich is a decent coach. I think they’ll win 6-7 games.