Buccaneers, Antoine Winfield Jr. agree to four-year deal

Initial reports indicate that Winfield’s deal is worth $84.1 million with $45 million fully guaranteed, making Winfield the league’s highest-paid defensive back

This is what $84 Million looks like:


How about that hole the Lions oline opened for Gibbs.


Still had to make the right read and outrace Winfield to the endzone.

D’Andre Swift couldn’t have done that.


Swift was pretty good last year himself. Will be interesting to see how he does with Da Bears

Man, I’ve watched that a dozen times, and the timing is so interesting. It’s like the OL was blocking straight ahead for a moment, and then the guard and center start pushing toward the offensive left. Sewell occupied two guys for just long enough for Gibbs to get by.

I don’t watch OL play very closely often, so maybe this is run-of-the-mill stuff.


A safety as the highest-paid DB, interesting.


He gets injured every time he sees Honolulu blue, so it doesn’t impact us anyway


Check this one out against the Rams!!!


My thoughts exactly. As much as I love the player, this type of deal puts serious doubts in Branch being here long term. Not sure this team can afford to commit 20mil+ to a safety/nickelback.

Depends of how much of a playmaker he becomes. Kyle Hamilton basically plays the same spot, and he blew up in his second year and is probably worth that. Polamalu is thought of as more of a safety than NB, but he regularly lined up in the same spots as Branch. He was certainly in the box and covering the slot more than he was deep. And I think we can agree peak Polamalu would be worth that today.

Branch would have to be the elite of the elite to deserve it, but I actually have more confidence than I probably should have of him reaching those heights.

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Peabody would walk in the end zone behind that blocking


The AI summary is rather accurate.

Funny when I saw it I was thinking, “Damn Goff could have scored that”. You know, since he’s soooooooo immobile. /s

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I remember one of swifts big games last year… a hole the size of philly opened in front of him as he is recieving the hand off. If he takes the first step up field he might have a 60 yard td.

But he double studder steps before hitting the hole. This gives time for the LBs to react and close in. Swift is stopped for a gain of 2. Total failure.

Gibbs would have taken the same ball 60 yards to the house.


Antoine Winfield, Sr. is probably wishing he could’ve made that kind of money.

In 15 years, he didn’t earn that much:

Maybe he takes a cut for genetics rendered.

Seed money?