Bucs Enforcing A Blackout

Brandon Matthews on X: “The answer is yes: the Buccaneers are enforcing a blackout during their game, so no FOX doubleheader.” / X (twitter.com)

Didn’t even know that this was still a thing.

I’ve never understood the logic of the TV blackout.

How many people are going, “Wait, it’s not on TV? Well, I guess I’ll drop several hundred dollars and an entire half-day to go see the game in person, which may be several hours away, instead.”


Exactly…especially when the team sucks. Just go to the beach instead

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“Hey our team sucks so no one is seeing them in person”

“Okay then let’s reduce the exposure of our team so even less people see them”

“Damn what a great idea”


There are years where I wished they would stop showing the Lions on TV.


From a bygone era hold over from radio days and early attempts to make sure and sell tickets

Now so much money is in the tv rights
And games actually can be expensive

To grow the brand would want it shown locally

It’s a weird one

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I feel like as an out of state lions fan
I was taxed extra to watch a bad team

And it really shows the difference when theyre relevant as now the way they made me pay to watch them
When they were bad
Isn’t really needed when they’re good.

Theyre getting regular national games.

That seems kind of backward way to keep your fanbase …

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I know, but it doesn’t make sense.

This is something that the owners value enough to fight for… the TV guys for sure don’t want it, so the League negotiates for it every contract.

I just don’t know what’s going through the owners’ heads. They must really think it forces fans to buy tickets to the game, and that seems crazy to me.

It just brings out the pirates…

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Especially weird since this team just won a Super Bowl a few years ago and had tremendous support from fans.

Shitting on them this soon is a real dick move from Glazer.

There have been quite a few times where a blackout was “threatened” and someone/a group purchased a bunch of tickets to avoid the blackout…in a local PR move. I guess they are preserving that possibility when ticket sales slow down.

I’m in Arizona. Is it still a beach if it’s all sand and no water? Lol

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Take 3 gummies and lick a couple toads and you’ll be at the beach before u know it.

Beach Party Running GIF by Party Down South

So, do not know much about TV contracts. But seems to me the Bucs wouldn’t get that games revenue.

Make sense?

No! No! You start out your relationship with new fans by pissing them off. Prepare them to accept what you give them…or no more football?:rofl:

How are Tampa Bay locals going to know that Brad Holmes screwed up by not drafted Kancey?

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The local tv affiliate don’t didn’t have to show reruns of mash

The archaic garbage known as the blackout needs to be eliminated.


I watched every single game that I could have during the 0-16 season. A blackout would have been merciful. Blackout on TV, blackout on booze, really anything besides watching that bullshit like the fool I am.

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Did you take that straight from the Aaron Rodgers book of well-being?