Bucs vs Seahawks in Germany

Might as well have a game thread…

I see the play clock is more bisible in Germany than it is in Ford Ford…

Seahawks got called for delay of game!

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A Tampa win will help keep the Rams out of the playoffs. Not that they’re going to make it anyway.


Did you mean Seattle win?

I think the Rams winning the division is super unlikely, so I’m looking at the wildcard which is also unlikely.

That might be true….

but I think Bucs may win that division regardless of today’s game… and a Seahawk win gives them a 4-game lead over Rams for division race.

We need Dallas, Giants, and 49ers to separate themselves from Rams with some wins… and hope the Rams shut Stafford down for last 3-4 games.

May be Colt McCoy vs John Wofford today:


It’s that last wild card spot that I think is still up for grabs. 4 division winners, Cowboys, Giants, and 1 more team. The Packers are worse than the Rams, they’re not making it. It needs to be one of these teams: Bucs/Falcons, 49ers (hold tie-breaker). I can see logic in rooting for the Hawks but I think you’re giving the Rams too much credit, they’re really bad.

Falcons are terrible on defense… and teams are figurines out their run heavy approach. I don’t see them winning many more games.

Rams get an offensive lineman back this week… and…

Rams schedule is turning out be fairly soft for remainder of year…
Cards, Saints, Raiders, Packers, and Broncos…
Chargers in week 17 … and Chargers have 1/2 the team on IR…
plus 2 games against Seahawks… so a chance to flip the division lead if everything falls right.

I don’t think that schedule is that weak because those are all underachieving teams (like the Rams) that will be desperate for wins.

As for this game, we should probably root for Seattle because the Bucs are likely winning that division regardless and the Rams could still catch Seattle if they sweep them.

Eesh. Sounds like a typical Thursday Night matchup. LOL

The NFL on Amazon. Man what a terrible luck of the draw they have had. This isn’t something new, NFLN had it for years and it was never this bad. Hopefully it’s just a bad rookie season.

I will say Prime view is outstanding. That combined with the Mannings, Mondays and Thursday’s aren’t so bad.

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MNF… great if Mannings are on… and horrible if Buck/Ache-man are only available.

Come on K9 get me some fantasy points.

Hope you are right, bro

I still have the 49ers winning the division. Don’t think the Seahawks can hang on. But they need to finish above the Rams.

Talk about seizing a second chance for Geno

I guess time is easier to measure on the metric system

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Fitting that Seattle’s offense looked Kompfrimised while in Berlin.

Two weeks ago everyone was saying Brady was done! Now 5-5, with Julio, Godwin and Evans all playing together. They are now leading that pathetic division again.

What a cool atmosphere in that stadium… the fans are all still in their seats… singing and just enjoying the moment.

So cool to see!!!

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