Budda Baker requests trade



Not sure why the link isn’t posting, lemme try again… Nope. @Nate?

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I got him last simulator I did at pfn.

They offered Budda Bakerr and 34 for 18


I hope we inquire about him, he would be a great addition imo. We could move gardner-johnson to NB, Sutton and moseley outside corners then baker and Joseph as safeties. If the asking price is right.

Isn’t his cap hit like upwards of 16M?

If we didn’t have CJGJ, I’d say go for it.

But I’d pass on this one.


I agree with this. I’d love to have him but I think in the end he’ll be too expensive for us.


rough cap, 17 mil an 18 mil they would have to pay $3,775,000 20 17 -bonus this season 18 - bonus for 2024

Thats a lot for a safety when they have passed on paying little less last season. To be honest rather pay safeties we have an just might get Chancey resign next season


Elon broke something. Again. I’m on it.


Yes. Immediately.


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Is… is that really their new head coach? They would have been better off hiring Prison Mike.

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Head Coach Michael Scott was brought up in the comments.

Also, what does he look down at?

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