Building a draft community

TL/DR: draft will dominate this forum in the offseason as it always does, but you might see fans from other teams pop-up. The Den isn’t changing or going anywhere.

Hi all,

As we approach the offseason, the forum might look/behave slightly different over the next few weeks.

This community has always done quite well when the season ends and becomes draft-focused (which, as a Detroit Lions forum, makes a lot of sense). So my idea is to broaden the tent, opening it up for fans of other teams to join/participate (on their own boards), with magic beans tags giving everyone the opportunity to intermingle, including mock drafts, etc.

The Den will, of course, will remain The Den. That won’t change until I’ve kicked it. But you’ll probably see some visual changes/navigation options that weren’t there before.

The thing is, I’ll need some help if we want to pull this off properly. Maybe that means being part of the welcome wagon when new people join, tagging your topics properly, and not telling Packer fans to f*ck off every chance you get. I dunno. I’m sure I’ll think of other things.

I think that’s all.

Of course if you have questions, let me know.



Sounds interesting
Not clear on how it will work but it’d be a great way to “get the view” outside our Lions-centric perspectives.

Like trading Goff for a first from another team. :crazy_face:

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Gotcha Nate.

But we can still tell Bears fans to f*ck off, right?




I like this idea. It’d be great to be able to get serious fans from all the other franchises and do a full seven rounder with comp picks and trades.