Bummed - and happy... listen and cry and then laugh baby!

I can definitely accept this line of thinking, and the defense is what it is. They aren’t going to get anyone new at this point.

That so silly so is everyone else then… like the coaches, fans and reporters

Yep - we alll suck. It you as the only one with an opposing view who doesn’t… silly

Gonna nit pick this… It wasn’t a gift, it was a strip by Okwara. It’s not like he fumbled a hand off… Every Lions win this year, minus the Jags game, the other team out Lionsed the Lions… We’re not a good team

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I think we are a better team now - how good we will find out starting next Sunday!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing::flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::scream::upside_down_face::crazy_face::+1::heart::triumph:

If we beat GB while Aaron Rodgers is having an MVP season, then I’ll gladly eat some crow.


Mitchell Trubisky looked competent against the Lions defense. What is Rodgers going to look like. yikes.
I don’t think the Lions dline and Lbers are physical enough to get much pressure on him.

That is why we play baby!! Sunday’s coming!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing: I just had too!! :crazy_face::heart::+1::upside_down_face::pray:

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The shambling pile of trash named David Montgomery trucked us.

Aaron…Jones. is the one that will light us up Sunday.

What if it was Coombs???

Always enjoy hearing or reading where fans describe the Lions as we or us when they’ve never played at all on the Lions. Lol. Fans are fans, they aren’t part of the team.

Last Sunday was a great 1st win. That made me very happy. But let’s not have too much fun because the next opponent is a great Green Bay team.

BTW that Assistant coach is a coward. Don’t do the anonymous stuff, if you have something to say put your name on it.

Maybe it’s more a sense of community and pride to those who choose those pronouns when describing fanhood in relation to their team. Let be frank, fans have more pride in a team than any player ever will. So no need to shit on people for that.

If they beat them, what’s your excuse gonna be? Green Bay played like garbage?

He just shouldn’t have said anything…owning up to it mean you don’t get a job in the NFL with any team again more than likely. I don’t know what is more cowardly, giving that quote or fans thinking they deserve to know said it.

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I’d probably get over it in that case. LOL

The one thing this staff did that Patricia NEVER did in him time here… made adjustments at half.
The defense gave up 1 good td drive of 72yds in 2nd half and only 69yds on 5 other drives…zero points. When has our D done that?


I think anyone who is interested deserves to know who said it.

And once again I’m happy the Lions won last Sunday & I’ll be very happy if they upset the Packers this Sunday. This is a big game coming up so the players should take it serious and not overcelebrate Sunday’s win & have too much fun. It’s best to take the Belichick approach and say it’s on to our next game.

Forced Fumble

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im not being too much GIF by Girls on HBO

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The important thing to realize is that these talking heads simply make stuff up all the time. Anonymous coach is code for he’s making crap up to create news that he doesn’t have.

With that said, I’m wishing Bevell well.

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And as I had said before, it would be just like the Lions to pass on Saleh, the best and most coveted head coach prospect out there.

The guy is from this area and hopefully for that reason the Lions would be tops on his list. So I don’t want Bevell because I don’t want to pass on Saleh mainly, and also because of Bevell being a yes man to MP and throttling his own offense and lowering his offensive production. We saw that he opened it back up against the Bears, which means he closed it down when he knew it was the wrong thing to do under MP.

So no, don’t pass on the obvious choice. Salah is the top choice and will have his choice of jobs, it would be classic Lions to blow this hire.