Burrow out for the year

PFT said they’re investigating it. Joe and Zac both said it was unrelated, which seems rather unlikely. I suspect the league will actually come down pretty hard on 'em. They’re beholden to bettors and sportsbooks now.


Jonah Jackson’s agent endorses this message….


This protecting the QB shit is really going swell, right guys?

You got that right and ain’t that a damn shame.


I mean, it’s fine, I just don’t care about it. I’d much rather see display of speed and skill than a bunch of dudes running each other in corners. The NHL would be well served to move to 3-on-3 permanently and get rid of the oversaturation due to expansion where most of the bottom six forwards and bottom pairing defensemen are AHL-level.

I grew up loving Probert, Cicarelli, and McCarty types. But my tastes have changed over time. For every time someone was ‘Kronwalled’, I’d gladly trade it for two more wizard stick tricks from Datsyuk.

But anyways, this is about Burrows’ thumb! So to tie it all together, it seems like the Bengals season is about to mirror the popularity of the NHL.


If I had a nickel for every time this season a major player who was almost ruled out for the season in training camp became healthy enough to play the season, just to suffer a major injury later in the year, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t much but it’s weird it happened twice.

(Joe Burrow and C.J. Gardner-Johnson)

Betting on sports should be like eating half-off sushi. You knew the risks, so don’t expect anyone to avenge you if things get shitty.

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Karma. They should have sat him early on to heal up the ankle or whatever it was.

And if they eliminated body checking they’d lose 90 percent of that already low popularity. :laughing:

Honestly guys and gals, I really can’t see how this legalization of sports betting is not just laying all the fixing into the obvious. Whoever the mob is, whoever you want to believe they are, or whoever knows who they actually are, the results remain the same. The NFL and every “professional” sports league is becoming or has been the WWF. Point shaving, play calling, penalties… it’s just getting to be too much to ignore.

Maybe this year we get our epic movie of the year with the lions winning a Super Bowl. Maybe next year. But it’s just more and more looking like Hollywood and refs and the league are dictating what ultimately happens.

Call me crazy, PLEASE, call me crazy.

Because otherwise I think none of this really matters.

I’m glad they’ve finally deemed Detroit to be worthy of success.

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Hurts to be Purdy.

Tin Foil Tinfoil Hat GIF

Ps I agree.

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I always get a doggie bag, from the waiter

I think it had something to do with John Harbaugh trying to steal his signs.


Ahh so he’s a Scorpio… got it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

God, Fox, and Good luck baby are all on that

As well as 5-7 really tough SOB’s who play in front of him on every play. Those guys take that shit REAL personal.

Didn’t dave portnoy put down a ton of money on them, boy pizza is a jinx. Stay away, far away from him… oh and the bitch boy is going to sue the nfl.