Calvin Johnson explain how his beef with Lions management ended

Calvin Johnson explain how his beef with Lions management ended
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Johnson said Monday he has no issues with the organization now and is “excited” about the team’s prospects this fall.

“I think the biggest thing for me was when I had a conversation with Rod to clear the air,” he said. “I’ve talked with (owner) Sheila (Hamp) over the years. I’m good with everybody. I’m good with (general manager) Brad (Holmes). I’m excited for the team. That’s definitely, we’re on the up and up, I guess you could say, from that aspect.”

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I think this statement is a little telling.

Johnson said. “I think they created a ton of believers out of all of us, not that we didn’t believe, this is where we played at. But obviously with (head coach) Dan (Campbell) and those guys coming in here, Brad, just the culture right now is a good feel. All the player-coaches on the staff, that’s great, man. That’s fricking awesome.”


I agree with you Air. Now that the Lions are winning , guys with local brands on the line need to be visible in their support of Dan and Brad’s team. Calvin fell in line because he had to fall in line. If he isn’t supporting the team when a Super Bowl is on the line looks like sour grapes.

I don’t think Calvin likes Rod much but he doesn’t have to anymore. Calvin can lean on Brad and Dan as well as the players. Calvin also played with Dan. Nice to have Calvin back in support of this team regardless of the reason though.


I agree! His issue was probably with Rod but he can deal with others in the organization. I’m happy he’s back in the fold


I agree in his mind Rod took 1.6 mil away from him.

The Lions have found ways to get money back in CJ’s pocket that don’t affect the salary cap. This helps mend a lot of fences.

I think Rod realizes now that he should have paid CJ but that was Rods rookie year as a CEO and he just didn’t know better back then.

Glad to have CJ back.