Calvin Johnson willing to mend relationship with team if they return money

I’m sorry, but IMO this is ridiculous. He retired with 3 years remaining on his contract. The Lions asked for $1M of the $3.2M they were entitled to. Calvin is bitter because the organization… wasn’t generous enough?

Furthermore, let’s say the Lions cave and give him the $1M. Suddenly Calvin will be all smiles and a proud ambassador for the team after all this bitterness he’s been very vocal about?

The relationship may have been strained, but this statement by a Johnson effectively ends any chance of reconciliation, even if the money is paid back.

AT MOST: The team/Mrs. Ford should offer to give the million or whatever is in dispute to his charitable foundation.

This way, the team is clearly offering to mend the fence.

Calvin could accept and become part of the family again.

If he rejects, he is the one who clearly looks petty and selfish.


It took Barry awhile to come around also.



Lions should demand the entirety of what he should have paid back and then if he doesn’t, go to court and take it. .

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barry came around after he wrote his book for the advertising.

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“I can be had”… for the right price.

No thank you.


Fuck Calvin. What a prick

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Dont get high on your own supply. Rule #1 in the newly Legalized Marijuana business here in MI. Calvin been hitting some harsh stuff…may be time to switch to filter menthol 100s my man…


Ugh, Calvin. They’ll pay you to come back as an ambassador for the franchise. If you are going to demand a million bucks up front to massage your ego, then that’s on you.


Must be rough, being a Primadonna all your life, and then nothing.
He’ll grow up in a few years.

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Hey Calvin. We should have picked Joe Thomas instead of you.

You don’t think its actually the BILLION dollar organization that’s coming off as being petty and selfish in regards to one of the biggest stars the team has ever had?

Its hilarious to me in these millionaire vs billionaire disputes, people will say the millionaire is being selfish and side with the billionaire.

I don’t care who has what. Dude signed the contract with full knowledge of the ramifications. If you bail on the contract, you pay back what you’re not entitled to, IMO.

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So you side with the billionaire, like I said.

I wouldn’t characterize it that way. I would say I side with the party that did NOT breach the contract.

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The contract was pretty clear and that if he retired early he would have to pay back a pro-rated portion of his signing bonus. The fact that they let them keep 2/3 of what he owed is pretty goddamn magnanimous of them already


The millionaire didn’t fulfill his contract!
He’s not owed more! If he were, he wouldn’t have had to pay it back.
“I’m a superstar who wasted his career on your shitty team”, isn’t a legal justification for more money, but, if he thinks he’s due more, he should sue the Lions.
He’ll lose, but, there is nothing stopping him.
Frankly, his contract is a big part of the reason he was on a shitty team!

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Nor is it a moral argument. That argument flies for the first 4 years, but if CJ wanted out, he could have declined extension offers.

Maybe he should go ask Stafford for some money. Maybe he could threaten to badmouth him publicly if he doesn’t pay up?

I doesn’t matter how you want to characterize it. You are siding with the billionaire.

So you think he should go ask another millionaire for the money, instead of the billionaire? You sure do love billionaires.