Cam Akers landing spots: Rams have spoken to teams about trading RB; Sean

Rams are shopping Cam Akers. On his last year of his rookie deal.

With Gibbs looking either not ready or the staff not ready to push him.
And Monty has injuries.
Would this be a good move for the lions? For say a 5/6th round pick?

I say the biggest need is a DL. But i can get behind a cheap rental at RB

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We traded Swift because he can’t stay healthy right

And then we gonna turn around and trade for Cam Akers?

Hard Pass from me rather role with Zonovan


I will add to that.

People don’t like how Gibbs performed against the Seahawks. Akers had 22 carries for 29 yards against the Seahawks.


An Achilles is scary, but he looked better & better late in the season when McVain was forced to rely on him because of injuries . Looking to me like another disquieting example of the tape not matching the way a player is valued by LAR & probably another offensive skill guy who has been under-developed & scapegoated for not producing while being misused/blamed for other issues beyond his control by a stubborn coach who never thinks he’s wrong about anything until it’s so obvious that he can’t deny it .

That said ( yes , I feel better…not really…) Unless Monty was out for the year, I wouldn’t trade for him for a 5th/6th - a committee who know the system seems likely to yield better results, short term.

If Monty is out/deemed likely to be ineffective by the injury ( a leg injury for a guy who is all about breaking tackles ?), I think Akers’ floor is much higher than Reynolds & Knight based on what I saw last quarter season with poor OL play & dubious QBing.

He caught pretty much everything thrown to him , was great on 3rd down, broke tackles,scored TDs in the RZ, 2 fumbles isn’t great but not awful, either. What else do you want ?

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To be fair, we traded Swifty after he requested to be traded…maybe we wouldn’t have traded him had he not asked for i??? Idk

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LAR also has one of the worst o lines right now. They have no other weapons.

Im not saying DO IT. Im just saying if the lions do and its a 1 year rental. Cool.

Cam isn’t “Cam” anymore.
I would take Bam over him 100/100 times.
He lost his burst, Achilles tears are a motherfucker. Trust me.


The problem with that theory is another guy in the same backfield significantly outproduced him…and now Akers is on the block.

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I mean, it was quite literally one week comparison between the two versus Akers balling out at the end of last season on a team with no OL, no QB, no weapons, etc. He averaged over 5YPC and 100 YPG the last four games of the season and three of those teams had really good defenses - Seattle, Denver, Green Bay.

I think Cam has just checked out mentally with LAR, similar to Goff before the inevitable divorce. Cam is an elite talent going back to High School. If we could get him for a conditional 6th or 7th, why the hell not? We like to run the ball - a lot. Having three solid, cheap HBs isn’t an awful problem to have.

Maybe they would throw Donald in with the deal :grin:

Well they beat the Seahawks in there home. Maybe some fans are just in panic mode .