Cam Akers Recovery from ACL

I have high hopes for the Okudah/Okwara!!
Incredible for Akers, less than 6 mo and he’s running the ball!!!

Cam Akers suffered a torn Achilles while preparing for Rams training camp. It was announced on July 20 that he would undergo surgery to repair his torn Achilles and that would sideline him for the entire 2021 NFL season.

Achilles injuries have, historically, hindered athletes long-term. The average recovery time for a return to sport is four to 12 months, but usually, the recovery of professional athletes has tended to take nine to 12-months. And those who returned early often weren’t the same players that they were when they first went down.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache performed surgery on Akers and repaired the tendon in such a way that the Rams running back could get moving early. That included 10 days of toe curls, range-of-motion exercises, blood flow restriction therapy and workouts on an anti-gravity treadmill the Rams installed at Akers’ home. That led him to shed his walking boot just a month after surgery.

“When we saw him walking normally so fast, we all started looking at each other,” Rams VP of sports medicine and performance Reggie Scott said to Yahoo Sports. “That’s when we got this sense that he had a chance to get back before this season was over.”

Akers managed to do just that. He played in Week 18 against the 49ers, serving as a backup behind Sony Michel and carrying the ball five times for three yards. The numbers weren’t huge, but for Akers, getting back on the field was a “blessing” after the way he attacked his rehab.

Akers injury timeline

— July 20, 2021 : Akers suffers a torn Achilles while training for the 2021 NFL season. It is reported that the Rams running back will miss the campaign because of it.

— Dec. 26, 2021 : The Rams surprisingly activate Akers from IR after designating him for return. It is believed that this move is being made to (give Akers a pension credit for the season) despite the fact that he hasn’t played for the Rams.

— Dec. 28, 2021 : Coach Sean McVay announces that Akers could have a chance to play. for the Rams during the final two weeks of the 2022 NFL season.

“He’s earned the right to be able to get on this roster and it looks like there’s a possibility of him contributing as soon as this week actually on the field,”

— Jan 9, 2022 : Akers plays in Week 18 just five and a half months after originally suffering a torn Achilles. He runs for three yards on five carries against the 49ers and serves as the backup running back behind Sony Michel.

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Amazing news for us and Okudah


I can’t wait for Okudah to return to 100% again so he can be 100% completely untalented again! It’s gonna be great Natty!

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I want all that cool rehab shit installed in my house dang it!!


Sorry Canuck, after this seasons play, A-O 2-4 has earned the right to his opinion, his being first hand overrides yours. :+1:t3:

“I’m just excited for his future,” Lions cornerback Amani Oruwariye said. “I can’t wait to see cause people, it’s been two years and people still don’t know what Jeff Okudah can do. I’ve seen it. It’s just time for the world to really see.”


I’m more from the “it’ll be good to find out” school of thought.
Imagine being drafted into Patricia’s tutelage…WHILE INJURED! :wink:

maybe I’m right, and maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not gonna pretend to know. All I’ll say is I’m excited to find out…and to me, it WILL be great.


thank you for your contribution. Someone has to counter my insane optimism!! It takes a village!!


Haha guys maybe you’re right, we can hope. I’ve been wrong about my Lions opinions way more than I’ve been right over the years.


LOL - Yup.
I’m here to represent the bald and the optimistic


Great attitude can’t wait till your next Great Fan Input :poop:

Damn bro everyone has there thoughts, he said he hopes he’s wrong about him, and evens said he’s been wrong. Give him props he honest.


I hope Okudah had a top notch surgeon… but I have not been able to find who repaired his Achilles.

Akers had Dr. Neal El Attrache — the same surgeon that repaired Kobe Bryant’s Achilles.

The Rams went out of their way to provide Akers with advanced equipment to help his recovery… so I also curious if the Lions are providing Okudah with similar assistance???

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Ouch Yote. You realize every single post on here is fan output? Except for the posts by people who heard directly from Jon, obviously.

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If Okudah can magically return and hit his alleged ceiling of top 5 NFL corner, that would do more than wonders to help this rebuild. I’m basically counting him as a non factor in everything, but Akers obviously shows that a full and fast achillies recovery is possible.


Same. Anything we get from him is bonus money.
I’d be tickled if he was a serviceable starter…Solid Safety?
He is a hard working, tough minded, MF’r…so he has that going for him.

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I think he has a better chance of being elite at safety. He’s a hard worker, seems to have decent ball skills and speed, is physical and smart from what people have said. He could go the Malcom Jenkins, rod Woodson route.


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